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Tankerald's Ultimate Quarantine Tank Build!


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Beth (tanktop) and I (Emerald) aka Tankerald used to use our 40 gallon frag tank for a quarantine tank but then we plumbed this into our main system for more stability. Then we were using a 29 gallon aquapod as a quarantine tank but it was too small so we sold that to Kknight. We thought about getting a 40B setup as some people were selling them cheaply but we have limited space. Then MattV offered to custom build us a quarantine tank!(plotting)(clap)(clap)

We used to think it was not worth having a quarantine tank. We used to think we didn't have the space.


After having our tank population of fish wiped out by marine velvet in the past and having fish succumb to ich as well as getting reef transmitted disease aka RTDS (credit Reefnjunkie for that one! :) ), we feel like we couldn't afford not to have one.


We also get donations of corals and fish for Tanks for Teacher and we like to hold fish for a few weeks for the Tanks for Teachers tanks. When you set up a quarantine tank it still goes through a cycle. I have found that corals and fish do better when the tank has been set up and the parameters are stable. I like to have a system that is up and running if I need to move a sick fish or coral.



Picked up the tank from MattV yesterday and it passed the water test! (clap)(clap)





Matt and Beth made up the plans and Matt came up with a pretty sweet design. We have a limited space so no room below for a sump. Matt built one in on the back and made multiple compartments to hold more fish so they don't fight and are less stressed.Very nice design!(clap)(clap)





Beth drilling the hole for the bulkhead. If you look closely you can see the reflection of my Dallas Cowboy's shirt! Go Cowboys!(rock2)(rock2)







As you can see the space is very tight and we wanted to maximize the space!









Picked up a skimmer and pump from Garrett at the Premium Aquarium! Thanks Garrett and Roger!(clap)(clap)





It fits like a glove!(clap)(clap) Nice work Mattv!









Nice plumbing job Beth! (clap)(clap)





We are adding sand to 2 of the compartments in case we get some wrasses or other sand loving fish. Got this from the Premium Aquarium too!







The not so fun process of adding water! This ended up being a 90 gallon tank so we ended up needing 80 gallons of saltwater. Beth used the water from our main tank so she ended up doing a water change too!









We held on to some liverock from a previous tank breakdown and added this to the tank





Submersible pump is hooked up and tank is ready to go!(clap)(clap)







Next we (I mean Beth (whistle) ) needs to hang up the light. We got this from Obesethug (who is neither by the way..(laugh) ) for a future trade in corals!








Let the cycling process begin!(rock2)(rock2)(rock2)(rock2)We use the Dr. Tim's formulation and this has worked well for us in our tank builds.




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Wow now that is a quarantine system (clap) Great job as usual ladies. And a good write up too :)


Sweet tank nice design' date=' way to maximize every inch[/quote']


Thanks :) MattV actually came up with the idea and when I saw the drawings I couldn't wait to see the tank in person!


Nice set up' date=' all in one I like it. Seems like every time you tear down a tank you set up two more!! (or at least one) cheers! (drinking)[/quote']


Well that's the rule! In order to set up a new tank we have to take one down so it doesn't get too crazy!(nutty) Technically we have just 2 tanks since one system is all plumbed together.:p


Very nice! (clap)




Now you just need to convert the space above the washer and dryer.(clap)


(laugh) Don't give Beth any ideas! (nono) She is already looking to put a shelf somewhere for a gravity fed ATO


That's sweet. Im in the process of building a custom setup quarantine setup as well. Gotta have it.


I agree Jeff. When I first started this hobby, I kept reading about quarantine tanks and I just didn't think it was worth the money or trouble but it's a lot less trouble in the long run! I also feel like a fish store with this tank!(laugh)

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Nice job ladies and MattV. Glad the Premium Aquarium could help you out!!!! lol


Always. Wish you guys were closer :).


Looks great. I just saw this thread on R2R's Facebook page as well. Already getting some hits.


Why yes, I just saw it on facebook too! :) It's famous now!


As always sweet tank ladies' date=' you two always have the best setups :-)[/quote']


Thanks Zach!

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Top down shots!


It was requested for top down shots! These were not easy to do. I am short so I had to stand on the toilet to take these pictures or a balance on a step stool without dropping the camera in the water!(laugh)












See you can see the toilet seat in the bottom right corner...(whistle)



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