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Am I just lucky today, a supprise in OIAB


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just came back from OIAB today. As usual, the owner is super friendly and helpful on all questions. I picked up a few snails and a yellow eye tang. when I was thinking not to buy a brain coral, he said i would regret not buying it ([language filter], I wish I asked myself why he asked me about that:))). As I don't have too much time to take care of my tank recently, I said that is okay, I don't want to lose this beautiful piece due to lack of maintenance.

It was surprised me that he told me everything is FREE to me when I checked them out!!! I came out his gorgeous store with questions full of my brain....To be honest, I don't visit his store very often due to its distance. What is going on there? any secret promotion? store anniversary? first Chinese customer? or just because I know his friend? i have no clue....

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I did not regret not "buying" that LPS. The fish and snails are free ' date=' i am not greedy:) It was my first time got gift from LFS. I will definitely visit Coz more to support him.[/quote']


Sorry, I miss read the first time. I thought you got the brain coral. Hey though you still got a kole tang!!!! :)

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Ok before everyone goes crazy.... I told cos to hook Bo up with whatever he wanted and I would take care of him with corals in return. I didn't tell Bo I did this so it was quite a surprise to him lol.


Cos is a great guy though as just a quick txt message and he was willing to hook my friend up!


Sorry for starting the rumor mill about the store closing or cos going crazy (laugh)

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