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my whole set up


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Alright everyone here is the deal the stress level in my life right now is threw the roof. My mom cancer has just spread to both sides of her brain i just floaded my house and there is so much going on with planning my moms funeral and helping my dad. So this is what i have for sale i have a 265 acrylic tank that has scratches on it. Its not perfect but looks great. It has two corner overflow boxes and 4 return lines. i also have a 75 gal sump. I have a 6ft ushio fixture with 3 250w halides works awesome. i have a barracuda external pump. i have around 200-250 pounds of rock about the same in sand. comes with stand and hood. for my life stock i have a purple tang, 3 yellow tangs, Kole tang,chevron tang,blue hippo, blue spot sting ray, and a marble cat shark. Im asking 2700 if anyone is out there with a good offer could be your dream tank for cheap thanks for reading.

if you would like better pics please text me at 915-227-6370




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hey everyone please do not take this the wrong way i do not think im going to sell my setup everything just kinda of hit me all at once today and my tank had leaked and i think that was all it took please forgive me for posting this up it was a rash decesicion and i do apologize for the inconvience.

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