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WTT SPS for Shrooms


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I was cleaning my tank the other day and broke off a large piece of sps in my tank. It's a green acro with blue polyps. Size of the piece is good sized (3x3) lots of branching. I'm looking to trade this for some ricordea. Let me know what you've got. I'm willing to look into any options but am leaning towards rics at the moment. I purchased this piece from TECO and it's a really nice piece. I'm a bit (flame) about breaking it but I don't have room for another piece like this to mount in the tank, only small frags at this point.





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Hey buddy, If you are ever out west I can thin the shroom herd a bit. I have a couple (dozen (whistle)) normal shrooms Red, Green, Green hairy, Green fuzzy, Green metalic, Green striped, and a few blue lurking in there too.


You can see some in the pictures




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