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New Fishey


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So I have added about 13 new fish in the last week- 2 Picassos, 2 ocellaris 2 black and white clowns 4 Banghi Cardinals, Purple Tang, Longfin Bannerfish (this is the morrish idol look a like) its supposed to be reef safe-ya my butt-Rotten fish drove straight for my zoas ate 3 polyps and then dined on some pink boobies (save the ta ta's)-Just about then my Gold Rim Tang decided to pull out a can of "whoop fin" on him and trashed him long enough that he was dazed and I was able to easily net out the tank-which is not usually an easy task (neting a fish) on a 400 gallon-(laugh)

And lastly my Blue Throat Trigger which has proven to be my favorite to date-here are a few pics






In this pic you can see my pink Skunk clown "hosting" my Green Toadstool-(nutty)



Anyway cool fish (and no thats not ich-(nono)) IMO

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Good looken fish!! I gotta come out and see your new setup!!

Thanks Ed, I need to post pics its getting more "cleaned up" each weekend-(clap)


Lmao!!! Love the cancer support comment mang:-) beautiful fitchie too!

I'm all about supporting great causes and the phrase just fir pefect-(laugh)


Very nice! I really dig my blue throat trigger too. 400g' date=' wow...that would be so awesome[/quote']-I was leary but had read more positive then neg post on them


Nice Trigger' date=' I was pissed when I lost my pair![/quote']


Akmist hate ask but what happened-thats a huge downer (sad)


Nice pictures! Nice additions too!

You can't really blame a boobie loving Bannerfish...(whistle)


I love Triggers. It's too bad most of them aren't reef safe. I love the way they move in the water!

I dont blame the fish, just me, I researched and researched and was also told from the store it came from that it was in a fellow reefers tank and would be fine. After a week of "reasearch" I pulled the trigger-I,m just glad I was able to net it as easy as I did-It really sucked since they are a SAWEET looking fish


What a beauty That is one sweet color pattern on that fish!

Thanks! I've seen loks of pics and agree this one has pretty cool colors


Just keep it away from my clams DOH!

(laugh) Did you see that 1st pis its got its top fine up and the look on its face, its like its starring at your clams thinking " MMMMM Tasty" (whistle)


Been debating a blue throat male for quite some time. I think I might be pushing my bio load if I add one though. Gorgeous fish none the less.



Sounds like time for an upgrade-

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