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10 gallon build


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As allways I forget to get the camera out till i'm 3/4 done :( So let me go back a little and tell ya about what I have done. I started out with 2, 10 gallon tanks that I broke while drilling them. I removed the plastic trim off both, removed the broken piece off one and while it was laying there on it's front/face, I thought it would be cool to cut the face out of the other one and cut it down so I can make a 10 gallon tank that is 20 wide, 12 deep and 10tall. Well it turned out great!! So it sat like that for several weeks. About 2 weeks ago I took a load to the dump and I found 2 12volt pumps that were on some broken fountain things, not being able to pass them up I took them home and they worked ( think the fountain things were new but damaged. Lastnight while I couldn't fall asleep I figured out how I can set the tank up. here are some pic's, I still need to patch the brad holes and paint it.





I got these LED's a while ago and now I have a use for them :)



I'll update as I finnish the stand and get livestock in it.

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Not liking the red? It looks kind of cool like that. Black would look nice too though.


No, the red thing is the tank, I am making a stand/table for it to sit on. Was going to make the table a mahogany color but the GF said it would be to much red and it should be a black stain. I agreed :)

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