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WTS/WTT yellow stripe maroon clown


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Hey all,

I've got a yellow striped maroon clown that is giving me problems. it's trying to host in the ricordia and xenia (no neme for it) which is pissing off the corals. He also is a bully to the percula and my new six-line wrasse (THANKS Garret!). I'm hoping for an engineer goby (juvenile) and either a couple decorative fish (thinking blue green chomis or something). I'm also thinking about a phosphate reactor and/or other things for my soon-to-be-sump. (THANKS Serge!!!). willing to take offers.


Live Aquaria lists a 2-3" as $40, I'm pretty sure mine's more like 4, maybe 4.5" so I think there's some value in it.

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Here's something interesting. Maroons are one of the only clown fish that wont share a anemone with Juvinielle clowns.. They will fight to the death. The female will only accept her mate. They are also one of the most aggressive clown fish. They are also know to be one of the smartest when it comes to biting your hand and knowing just where to bite... also they say that right after they metomofice from fry they will start this behavor.. But they are just so darn cute..


I had the hardest time trying to get my marroon to accept her mate took a tank divider and a month before she stopped trying to attack him... but they are just so darn cute... I suppose that is why I hatch their eggs. call me crazy, but they are bonita...


They also say over time the clown will eventually trust you and be less aggressive, but they will attack another clown if they think they are in their territory.. Sound like you have a female though at the size you are quoting... and golden banded maroons are normally worth more than white banded ones. But i'm not sure how much you can really get for her. since you can have only one female in a tank unless the tank is huge.


But anyway. Id try a local pet store. I know the one around here will take a aggressive fish. they keep them in a huge tank. Or if you have a sump. Id recommend tossing the little devil in there, but like I said I don't know what you can get for the clown. most people want males or juviniele clowns... but good luck

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Hey noob' date=' when do you plan on having it cycled? no one else is jumping at the opportunity right now...[/quote']


Not going to be for at least a few weeks. I'm setting it up today. It will go through a mini cycle. How big is the fish? Its got to be a decent size or I can't take it either.


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