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So i am new to the hobby, I have had my 40 gallon breeder tank set up for about three months now. I am from Salem, OR. I have had Cichlid tanks for a couple years and finally made the jump into saltwater.


What I have:

40 gallon breeder tank

40 gallon sump (got a good deal on it, and wanted the most water volume I could get)

4 x 39 watt T5. two actinic and two 10,000K

about 800 gph of water movement split between two ph's

Skimmer is rated for 100 gallons

about 50 lbs of live rock



2 Ocellaris clownfish

small Hippo Tang (will get a bigger tank long before he out grows the tank)

small yellow tang (also will be moved to a larger tank)

sand sifting goby

2 cleaner shrimp

a couple hermits and two turbo snails

other cuc I can't think of




branching hammer coral

torch coral

green star polyp

long tentacle anemone


Any comments would be welcomed, I am glad to be part of this community.


Here is a picture of my tank. This picture is old, before I got my torch coral and anemone but you can get the gist.


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Thank you guys for the welcomes. I took a picture last night, I apologize for the slightly dirty tank. I have been busy and just wanted to post an update.

I am getting my BRS Rodi unit today, excited to be self sufficient.

Also, quick question. My LTA seems to change by the day, sometimes it is big and puffed up and then the next day it is deflated. It is still growing though and my water parameters are perfect, well as good I should say.IMAG0172.jpg

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Also, forgot to add that I made a refugium. Well, I added some Cheato and a light to my sump. No dsb or miracle mud but I am hoping the cheato will out-compete the algae in my display tank. Any suggestions? I will take a picture of my sump tonight and post so you can see what I am working with. Thanks again for the help.

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