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New to Saltwater


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Hi, My name is Jon and im from Bend, Oregon. I sold all my freshwater tanks at the beginning of summer when I moved. I vowed to never have tanks again(I had 7 freshwater tanks).


I was scanning craigslist one day and found a 30" x 30" x 12" custom made(thats what the guy told me) Tru View tank with a Del Rey 125 sump and skimmer for $100.......I couldnt resist.


I decided to give saltwater a try. I have had my new tank up and running about 6 weeks now. Im very impatient and I have done just about every shortcut in the book to jump start my cycle, which seems to have worked since none of my livestock has died.



Nuclear CanyCane

5 different Zoas

2 Mushrooms

Pulsing Xenia

Blue Clove


Clean up Crew:

2 Turbo Snails and 5 tiny blue-legged Hermits


My water parameters are.......

Temp 78-80 at night and 82-84 in the afternoon

ph 8.4

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

Nitrate 5ppm

alk 8

calcium 380

mg 1300

Phosphates 0


I have a hardcore algae bloom happening right now but im told this is normal for a new tank.


How long does this algae bloom take to run its course?


I was concerned that the green hair algae was getting out of control so I took a new toothbrush and knocked it down a bit around my xenia,zoas and blue clove thats closest to the light.................


I will post pics soon

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Welcome to the hobby and forum! I so hate the cycling process. The algae bloom is a natural process that occurs once the baceteria use up all of the food source. Don't make the mistake I have done in the past of adding hermit crabs too early because when the algae bloom dies off they end up starving.


A large water change and blowing the rock and sand with a turkey baster to remove the detritus will help speed the process.

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Over time you may want to replace the bio balls with more rock, not all at once though or you will trigger a new mini cycle but the bio balls are not want you want in a reef-Fish only tanks they are fine but they will house nitrates which you dont want in a reef tank. I think thats what the blue was I saw in the 1st pic???


Welcome to the site-go slow or you may regret it-Coming from me that sounds funny, but its the truth. (laugh)

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Welcome!! Great to have you here, this is an outstanding resource!!


How much flow do you have in there? Looks like only 1 powerhead/source of flow? If I were you, I would add a Koralia 2, to get it moving, doing so would also whisk the detritus off the rocks faster!!


You are exactly right.......I am waiting impatiently for my circulation pump to arrive

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Its been a week and my algae bloom has slowed and the turbo snails are catching up to it. The temperatures here in Central Oregon have cooled down slightly and its alot easier to maintain a steady temperature in the tank......I think thats helping quite a bit.


I added a 950 gph circulation pump. I had to modify and fine tuned my Sea Clown(laugh)Skimmer(its truely a POS) Its finally pulling some skunky black skim and everything in the tank seems to be doing better.


Im not happy with the dimensions of my tank so I ordered up two 40 Breeders, One will be my main tank and the other is going to be the refugium.


So far this hobby is keeping me busy and Im happy to see positive progress;)

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