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Crazy's 40B/20L build


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All righty so I turned a room into a theater room and decided it needed a tank in it :D



I wanted to do this tank because I didn't like a few things about my last 125.


First I didn't like having to get under the cabinet to do maintenance so this one will be through the wall into a walk in closet in the theater room.


Second I didn't like having frag plugs in the display so this will have a 20L also in the closet.


Third I didn't like lugging buckets around for water changes/top off water so with having everything except the display in the closet I'll have a 2 tanks for top off water and mixing saltwater which i'll use a small pump to transfer to the sump.


Now for what i've done so far:


Had my 40B and a 20L drilled by ed at ed's reef which he also got in touch with Davy Jones locker who built an overflow box for the 40B. So big thanks to Ed who helped me out a lot with this, also he let me drop off and pick up the tanks at his house :D.


Next got a 40B stand from badxgillen which mvpaquatics was nice enough to bring from Corvallis.


Then I made a stand for the 20L, which was pretty interesting. I've never built a stand or even used a saw before but it turned out pretty good.


Also just got done drilling some holes through my wall into the closet which shannon wasn't to happy about lol.


And finally just painted the tanks black.


The plan for this is to drain from the display to the sump, then pumped up to the 20L and then gravity fed back to the display. I've never done any plumbing before so we will see how that goes tomorrow :D.


Some pics of what's happened so far:


Building the stand




Painting the tanks




And drilling some holes






Still need to either build or find a sump and work on the plumbing

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Today's update


Got the tanks set where I want them and some of the plumbing through the walls done. Just need to find a sump to finish the rest of it.


Also got a two little fishies phosban reactor with media and a piranha float glass cleaner.




Display tank


Behind DT



Behind the 20L that is gravity fed to the display



Drain from the display



And somme new stuff


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Found a sump today at saltwater fantasy for pretty cheap so I got the rest of the plumping done and got a few items in place.


I'll try leak test tomorrow.. first time plumping so I hope it goes well lol.









Still need to figure out the whole wiring thing once I get the rest of the stuff in.



Oh and also need to get a return hose from home depot for the pump.

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The only thing I see that you should have done with the plumbing is used a T instead of a 90 whare the drain comes through the wall, the way you have it it creates a cyphan and you will get gurgling and ruching sounds. you may be able to drill a 1/4 inch hole in the top of the 90 and puch in a piece of 1/4 inch vinal tube, I have some if you need.

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Got some tubing for the return today then filled it up for a leak test. Ended up with no leaks first try woot :D. But the water lvl was about 1/4 inch below the plastic on the tank so I had to go buy some acrylic and adjust the overflow a bit. So far so good with that.


Going to let it run over night to make sure no leaks come out, then drain it and start the fun part!


Also got a hold of a 36" 6x39 Tek Elite for way cheap. When the bulbs get here I'll get some pics up. Going to run 3x ati Blue plus, 1x purple plus, 1x aquablue, and 1x GE 6500k




From the gravity fed line it was making bubbles in the tank so I made the 90 longer and drilled 1/4" holes in the pvc then angled it at a 45 degree angle which pretty much got rid of them all.



Acrylic pieces that I had to hand cut sense home depot wouldn't... stuff isn't very fun to work with



And the 20L all full, extremely quite for being just a 90 degree elbow


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Is the drain line from the 20L under water in the 40B? I had that with my 33L under my DT' date=' the noise from the bubbles was a part of what made me decide it to scrap the tank.[/quote']


Yeah it is. I didn't like the noise at all so thats why I added the longer piece with holes at a 45 angel. Pretty much silent now

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All righty so I every think is leak free and the water level is where I want it. Today I went and got some sand and salt. Then started my ro/di line into the tank for the long wait to fill it up and threw in some rock that I let dry out from my last tank.


I've used neo marine salt sense I got into this hobby but this time I decided to try something new so I got some Kent Reef Salt. Read some good reviews on it so I figured I would try it out. Anyone else using it with success?




Still using my phone for pictures, one of these days i'll get our my real camera lol


Some rock work, not sure how I want to put it yet




Top View



Far away pic



And the gf bored on the laptop watching me lol



And here is Mr.Popo watching the sump fill up very slowly with ro/di.. he keeps checking the tank every day to see if there is fish yet. Every tank we've had he just sits in front of it for hours and watches the fish go back and forth lol



Should be full sometime tomorrow nightish. Me and buying the cheap low gph ro/di lol.

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Been a while but not much has changed, just the boredom of cycling all though the ammonia is on the way back down :D


New things installed is my light, 36" 6x39 watt Tek Elite. I must say I love this light.. I don't think i'll be using MH again :D First time I turned it on to make sure it works I couldn't see for 5 min lol.


Bulbs for the light are back to front


Ati Blue plus

Ati Blue Plus

Ati Aqua blue special

GE 6500k

Ati Purple Plus

Ati Blue plus


It's about a 14k look with all 6 bulbs on but with the purple plus and the blue's it makes stuff pop like wow! All though I haven't had corals under it I put different color objects under them and they look amazing so i'm pretty exciting.


Other than that just been watching my tank levels and waiting, I will say that with everything hooked up and running I'm loving the stuff in the closet. It's easy to test/work on things in the sump and other then the tek fans in the light there is no sound in the room that holds the DT.







New tek elite (pretty dusty :D)



The bulb combo



All lights on



Just two blue plus



And some rock work pics




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Been a while sense i've updated this.. Been pretty busy with all the holiday stuff and work. Haven't really done much at all to the tank.. got a few corals from Ed and ed's reef and thats about it. Oh and a couple fish. After the new years once everything settles down i'll start getting back into this and work on the coral part :D.


New things

Flame Angel


Cleaner Shrimp

Sand sifting star fish

and a few corals

And a ton of coraline, grows so fast it's hard to keep it off the front and sides.


I just bought the woman one of those new Nikon 1's from the commercials with ashton kutcher, haven't red anything about it and just used the auto point and shoot.. not to impressed with it so far but I also know nothing about cameras.


Few pics











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Random pics from tonight after cleaning the glass



Just picked some of these up today so they are still adjusting. This was on of micks rbta :D


I'm not sure what this is.. it's been growing pretty well though.. maybe someone knows?





One of the cleaners in the cave that they never come out of lol




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Looking great!! The 3rd pic down, the one you don't know what it is, did you get that from me? If so I think it is the Red Planet, when you got that frag pack from me I think I threw one in cuz it was bleached out, they like high light and flow so you may need to get it a little higher in the tank and in a place with more flow.

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Looking great!! The 3rd pic down' date=' the one you don't know what it is, did you get that from me? If so I think it is the Red Planet, when you got that frag pack from me I think I threw one in cuz it was bleached out, they like high light and flow so you may need to get it a little higher in the tank and in a place with more flow.[/quote']



Ohh sweeet lol. It's almost tripled in size sense I got it from you.. and the pic doesn't show it but the polyups are starting to get longer and have a hint of red in them. I'll move it to the top of the tank and see if I can get it to show full color, thanks!

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