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LC Scott's 40b

LC Scott

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OK so I promised more pics.


the stand was originally built for a 55 gal tank and a 40b sump.




That Plan changed and I ended up with this.






Some paint.






The inside of the canopy with the lights.






Currently I'm waiting on two workhorse 5 ballast, should be here on Tuesday.


top to bottom.

UV 454

Gen-x actinic Blue

Giesemann midday 6500

Gen-x 10,000k


I'm going to use the modified Beananimal internal over flow.




I think that all the photos for right now. I'm going to use a 20l for the sump (Thanks cschwarz)

None of the pipeline is glued yet,I want to make sure it all fits and that I can disassemble everything in the future.


I just need to get the glass cut, Monday the silicon should be here.


Things I need to do yet.

Paint the rest of the stand.

Wire the lights

Silicon the baffles into the sump.

Build the overflow inside the tank.

Glue the PVC pipes.

Doors and locks.

Carbon/gfo reactor

Document the water Station. (I'm so done with carrying 5gal. buckets back to the house.)


I also want to thank Rosecity for the rock. I bought 60 pounds from him and I'm using 40 for this tank and gave Kimberlee 20 for her 55. I might go for some more rock, right now it's sitting in a 27 gal. tote with a pump.


I'm not sure what I'm forgetting right now, outside of the fact I haven't taken enough photos. (whistle)

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Jesus, I see all these tanks with the nice plumbing, and it makes me think that in the process of tearing my down an starting over that I should redo my plumbing, I've only got a drain an a return drilled lol.....Hmmmm maybe I should do a POLL!!!! LOL


Lookin good man


Thanks, Mick.


Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist in this hobbie. Putting this tank together hasn't helped.

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More pictures now that the RO/DI unit is here.


Water station is now working.








I also spent a little time doing some aquascaping.








The only thing I decided on was that I need some more rock.


The RO/DI unit and on its rack.




I already had my first flood too. Fortunately it was contained to the counter top.


I also got the paint on the stand today.

This is right after the first coat of paint. (Looks terrible.)



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Ok so the package with the light ballast, reflectors gfo reactor and the tube of RTV 100 came today. (clap)

Some pics.

Warming up.






On the tank (the hood is on backwards while I work on some of the details. (whistle)




Note: The only light on in the room are the T5s. :D

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