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Best Tangs to put in your reef tank ???


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Ok so my (wife) and I have been thinking about getting rid of our three Tangs that we have now (purple,Tomini & Hippo) and looking for a couple more new tangs to put in my tank and she said that it doesn't matter as long as they have color and look (in her words) pretty. So I thought I would as you guys what your thoughts where in this matter ?? and here is a list I got off line

Eibli Mimic Tang

Spot Face Surgeonfish

Vlamingii Tang

Mustard Surgeonfish

Thompson’s Surgeonfish

& here is where I got the list from


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The Tomini and the Blue will be the easiest to work with.


Most tangs/rabbits will get big so you will be back in the same boat at sometime. But go with the Tomini and Mimic, my $.02.


Yeah I like the mimic . I was thinking going that way but I only like the yellow not the chocolate one

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Also there is the chevron tang. They are in effect the same thing as a kole but really pretty. I love my kole tang though. Look up vampire tang. They are also a favorite of mine. Something you don't see everyday and look great under the lights. I'll be putting one in my new tank if it ever goes up. Lol

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