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some zoa id help


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some that im not sure of, or have no idea what so ever if they have a 'common name'

Thanks guys


First a very rare zoa.... Max the Furry Zoa! sorry not for sale or fraggin!


unknown maybe a hawaiian variety?


very small yellow center black ring with orange skirt


gobstoppers or lord of rings?


these i have never seen, so i call them aussie delights came out of australia about 2 years ago


no clue on these


speckled pe's maybe?




look like sopranos or campfires.. maybe??? that would be sweet since i got them for 10.00 :) hehe


aogs or devils armour?



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I got to say in general




On a serious note, I think some macro shots or just good clean focused ones.


The 1st look like the Hawaii DD,

2nd-call what you want-no clue

3rd look like a Gobstopper or similar morph

the rest????



neat looking ones though-


Maybe if you cut a few frags I could put them in my frag tank and give you a much better answer later

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