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rbta for sale


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I have an rbta for sale. $40

It's about 4" i would guess

I have a million of these things but can't get them off the rock structure I built.

I have one left and that's all I can get for now. Here is a pic of what they look like when you have TOO MANY.

Call Shawn at 971-570-7536



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I had that tunze stream pointed at the rock for a couple hours and they didn't move. The feet are deep in the rock. They just shrink up in there hole. One thing about this strain is they don't move much i don't know why. I got the original from Shawn at Waves that's how long I've had these anemones.

Normally i just take the rock out and bust them off but that structure is custom and don't want to tear it down. Anyone know the best way to kill them in the tank?


Thanks Ryan - for some reason these are very well behaved rbta's.

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Ha ha I have sold a ton of these things and I have tried Ice and it doesn't work since I can't get to the foot which is the problem. Once I can get to the foot they are mine but this rock they are on has tons of holes they have wedged there feet into that I can't get at. Hammer and screwdriver works best but I'm not destroying the rock.


I don't get down to Eugene sorry.

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