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Niger trigger Vs. Picasso


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Can't say on the Picasso but the Niger is fairly peaceful. The worst I've ever seen is when I accidentally tossed a chromis in the tank and it thought it was food. Remember to distract them when adding fish and inverts and they will probably be fine. I feed mine at one end when I add new fish and inverts and it is fine. They are reef safe as well although you will see some places say otherwise. I do have other fish (Purple Tang and a couple of clowns) that have tried to bully the trigger but it just ignores them. Doesn't even fight back but rather it just doesn't pay them any attention.

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Picasso trigger is definitely hard to kill and more aggressive than the Niger. They are both beautiful fish in my opinion. I like the look of the Picasso better despite what Brad thinks LOL. I think they are so unique.


He actually put the clown trigger in his place LOL!


The one in my Aggressive tank is a swimming garbage can LOL!


It depends on what you are wanting in your tank.

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I have kept picassos and blue throat. The picasso is pretty mean fish' date=' the blue throat very docile. On the other hand triggers are really good with a little garlic and butter :) yum![/quote']


im not going to lie i was in the grand caymen islands and me and my dad went deep sea fishing and got 4 HUGE queen trigger and they were really good(nutty) but it was wired cuz we had a trigger in our tank at the time

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