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Nano Reef For Sale


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12 Gallon JBJ Nanocube DX

- Sunpod Metal Halide, with 70 Watt 20000K+ Metal Halide Bulb - Ushio, Double Ended - (Just replaced the bulb 8/25/10 to the tune of $67.53, I no longer have the stock hood)

- Glass cover for tank top

- 15 lbs live rock covered in soft corals

- 10 lbs live sand filled with critters

- Livestock: Engineer Goby, a couple of hermits, Emerald Crab (if he's still alive), Bicolor Pseudochromis, snails

- Heater

- Minijet 606

- Custom Oak Stand, 21x18x46", purchased from Saltwater Fanta-Seas . Extra tall for viewing tank standing, big enough footprint for 24 gallon tank if you want to upgrade, two shelves inside and holes for sump.

- Various testing equipment, salt, salt water jugs, food, etc


Asking $200. Located in Oregon City. PM me.


Pictures added below!!

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I'd be willing to part it out but the livestock has to go first. The kenya tree and all the mushrooms are on one rock. There are two varieties of mushroom with shades of neon green and vibrant purple. (My camera stinks) Anyway it would make a great showpiece rock!! Make me an offer! I take paypal.



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Still on for tomorrow? Just let me know. I need to be out of the house by 11 so anytime before then will work. Thanks!





Hello i am interested in the nano cube and was wondering if you would take $120 for it. I also have 120 gal glass tank no stand no overflow i would trade if interested.




I would take $180 for it.





I would like to come take a look a the tank. Just curious why you are selling the tank? My name is scott and my number is .



I have a lot of changes going on in my personal life and I think I need to take a break from reef keeping for a while. What does your schedule look like? I'm going to be out today and tomorrow but I should be around Tuesday mid morning if that works for you. LMK.


sounds good to me ill let you know if things change.


Yea you want to meet around 10 then. i live in oc well redland actually where bouts are you located?


Hi Scott,


At this point I have three other people willing to pay me my asking price so I am going to have to offer the tank to them first. Can I let you know what happens?




Really? you wait til the morning we are suppose to meet to tell me this. You set this meeting up last night with me.

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like i was trying to point out i see it both ways one is trying to get a good deal the other one is filling played with and time wasted. Thanges happen at least she let you know that she was not going to be there so you weren't waiting for her give her that respect. She probly felt like you were trying to offer lower than what she was asking for so she backed out and wanted to see how the other people that was intrested were going to do.

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Ouch. Sorry I didn't see you had posted here and this mess ensued. Anyway the tank is still available. AT this point I'm willing to part out, here is the break down:


$120 - lighting fixture Sunpod 16.5" with four LED moonlight, two blue two white, 70 Watt 20000K+ Metal Halide Bulb - Ushio, Double Ended

$20 - tank, heater, digital thermometer, testing kits, and whatever else I have laying around.

$75 - stand

$40 - coral, rock and livestock. The tank has been established for three years so I'm not sure if anyone would want the sand but you can have it if you want it.




$180 for the whole system, you move and pack. FIRM



REEFERSCOOTER - I had PM'd you the night before but I guess you didn't get it until the morning. I apologize.

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