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October 16th meeting

Mr S

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Meeting will be Saturday, October 16th at noon at my school. Here is part of the planned agenda.

-Thumb story (lots of people want to know the gory details!!)

-Phytoplankton and rotifer info about how to raise them

-Zoa fragging



LMK if you want anything else at the meeting.


I always assume there will be frag swaps.


I will gladly accept donations if you happen to be doing a clean out of your tank!!! LOL I can use macro or just about any type of organism except fish that are not reef friendly!!

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How do I get the time and locations of the next meetings? Thanks to you all


If you haven't yet send a PM to Roy (Stylaster) with your email address. He will add you to the electronic invitation list. Every month you'll recieve an E-vite telling you when and where the next meeting is going to be.



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I think we talked about a swap meet too Roger???


I was also thinking of trying to talk Ryan into a tour of the new store in town.


Hey Ryan, I already did talk to him. I think he was planning on attending to introduce himself. When I talked to him, I thought the meeting would be on Sunday and he said was willing to open up for a few hours to let people come by and see his store. Having the meeting on Saturday, he may not be able to attend, but it will give people more time to check out his fantastic store.

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You Eugene people' date=' I think the Partridge Family bus is available. If you don't know about it contact Franklin (algea) QUOTE']



If I had your thumb Roger , I could just hitch hike up there. Its supposed to rain that weekend so mabey the bus is a better idea, I wouldn't want the petulia oil to wash from my hair!

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Thumb envy. Oh yeah!!! Most people would not pick you up once they saw it!!! Wear tie dye. Franklin no tu tu's. It is a public place. Here is my address if you need it.


North Albany Middle School

1205 N. Albany Rd

Albany, OR 97321


Do you want to have food at it? If yes, start posting what you will be bringing. I can get a good hook up on pop (right Jay!!)

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