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Need help plumbing RO/RI unit


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I have a "thefilterguys" unit on the way. I'm hooking it directly to my hot water heater in the garage (cold side of course). My question is who has used a Piercing Saddle? Did it work without leaking or should I bite the bullet and pay 75.00 to have a plumber plumb a true fitting? Thanks

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Bite the bullet...its peace of mind, especially when you are away. They say saddles work for years with no leaks, but if there is ever a " chance" i always take the higher road. You should be able to tee off the upper line on the system with some hardware store fittings?

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Copper, My waste line will tie into the gas hot water heater waste line that is already ran outside. It should be here Tuesday.(rock2) Pictures to come.:D


copper, pex, galvanized?


For the waste line don't forget you can use the same pipe that your washing machine dumps into.

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You should have flex copper tubing going to the top of the water heater from the wall. Go to home depot and buy a T fitting the same size (probably 3/4") and a reducer & fitting for your supply line to the RO unit.


Take the flex line off the water heater and install the Tee. Then you will have your supply for the RO. You may need a little nipple or 2 but it should only cost you around $5-10.


You will need to be able to shut the water off and it may not hurt to install a ball valve for the supply to the RO. Once you had the parts and shut the water off it would only take about 10 minutes to do. Piece of cake and a dedicated feed :)



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Thanks to this thread I realized I could tap into my hot water heater feed line and run the discharge line to the drain of my HVAC unit sitting right next to it. Easy peasy.

The slender 18" 50 gal Wesco tank fit perfectly in between the water heater and HVAC as well :)

I ended up using a 3/4" brass tee fitting from Lowes to tap into the cold water line. Then I used a 3/4" quarter turn garden hose spigot with the 3/4" -> 1/4" fitting that came with the RO unit from BRS. 






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