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Life changes on the horizon: tank sale


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Hey everyone,


I have been offered a very exciting opportunity at a service dog breeding/training kennel that I will be starting in the not too distant future. I will be moving on site to a little cottage, and sadly will not be able to bring my tank. It space is just too small and it does not maintain temperature well. I am sad to see it go, but I am estatic about this chance to further my training career.


I am going to be selling off the contents of my tank, but I do want to be honest that I am currently working on killing off a flatworm infestation. Its not too bad right now, and seems to be limited to just one rocky island. I am waiting on Garrett to bring in some flatworm exit so that I can take care of the problem, and in the mean time my 6-line is keeping them in check. I do not want to sell corals until after this is taken care of, unless you have a quarantine tank and are willing to take on the responsibility of clearing the flatworms. I don't want to deceive anyone by not disclosing this first.


All prices are suggestions and offers will be entertained. I will be keeping a running list of folks who have expressed interest so that when the tank is 100% healthy I can let livestock go to those who have "dibs." Pictures are available upon request, just let me know what you want to see and understand that they will be cell phone pictures.



2 false percs (small): $20 for the pair

starry blenny: $15 Spoken for by R-3

6-line wrasse: $15Spoken for by CCR

fire shrimp (hard to let this guy go!): $20




-conch: $5

-cowry: $3

-2 turbo snails: $3 for both

-hermits (no idea how many): $.50 each, or free with purchase of something else

-various snails (bumble bee, nassarius, cerith, astrea, margarita): $.25-$.50 each depending on variety....or free with purchase of something else

-metallic GSP frag: $5

-neon long tentacle GSP frag: $5

-neon short tentacle GSP frag: $2 or free with other GSP frag

-purple/blue mushroom rock (~3 lbs rock w/ 25-30 shrooms): $15

-neon green hairy mushrooms (3 on a rock):$10

-about 50 lbs LR: $60pending

Equipment and hardware will be posted after livestock has been sold and I decide what I'm keeping.

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Oh yeah' date=' I will also be selling my space in the first zoanthid grow out. I paid $30 to get in, and $30 will buy you the spot. That is available immediately.[/quote']


I'll take your zoa grow out spot-would like to see the magicans and nuke greens if possible

grow out for certain

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  • 3 weeks later...

The time has come guys! I gotta break down the tank. Offers are being entertained on all remaining livestock. Please PM to let me know.


If you PMed about snails or rock, I don't know what snails are in there until I move the rock, and I can't move the rock until the corals sell. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Here's the hardware list. I can't get rid of any of this until there is nothing else alive in the tank....


40g all in one (approximate footprint of a 30g with a couple inches extra on the back for the AIO chambers. Acrylic with some scratches. Comes with a stand): $45



150w marineland stealth heater: $15


return pump (I'll know more about it when I break down the tank): Free! Stopped working a few days ago, if you think you can fix it, you can have it. Rio 1700....

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11 mins after the post-do you sit in front of your monitor all day-(laugh)


Hey Jen, I'll give ya 110.00-(plotting)



LOL as a matter of fact I do at work...(laugh) but in this case I just got lucky...

You snooze you lose Reefy...;)



Do I hear $120 lol.. :)


Back off people this is mine...(nono)(laugh)

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You know Jen will do the right thing and sell it to you, but yea I'd go




after Kim goes 120.00-but I wont outbid myself


Oh and Kim, I am gonna find out where you work-I am sure they have some policy about "computer use" and I am certain you are in violation..


No, no no, that's not how it works you gotta go 121.55 cents....(laugh)


As far as work... as long as I'm not looking at questionable sites(nono) or facebook, they don't care. Trust me they know how long you are logged on looking at our messages, surfing the internet, answering calls.. It's all very big brother...


Hell of a deal though Jen, I'm stoked!(clap)

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