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Diary of a coral addict


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Dear diary today is day one of my recovery.


Yesterday, I came home and bought a 34 gallon tank set up that was delivered to my house from a nice reefer from Eugene. I guess he was afraid I might change my mind.;)


I was up until 2 am when I had no plans on getting another tank.(nutty)


Now I have 4 fish tanks in the basement and once again I hear the words in my head..."That's it no more fish tanks'.....


The day before I bought a 40B simply because it was cheap even though I had no room for it and thought for a second.. hmmmm a frag tank in the bathroom...(plotting)


It was time to admit... I have a problem.. Hello my name is Kim and I'm a coral addict...


My local "dealer" Isaac performed an intervention and challenged me to not buy anything saltwater fish related for a month.(nono)


Today was day one and I was successful.(clap)


Hmmm maybe I will have a crab salad....(laugh)

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Well, I bought the 40 breader just as a fuge for my new sump setup.

Today I drove down to West Linn go get 50lb of live rock from Smann.

The live rock is already in the tank and it looks more like a tank than a fuge.

Another tank?

My name is Alex and I am a coral addict.

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I'm not an addict! I just like corals. There's no shame in that.....


Just because I go to swf and the nanoreef on my lunch breaks almost every day that doesn't make me an addict..


ok maybe I need detox.

I'm not even going to make it through tomorrow... Ahhhhhhhh!

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Hour two


Thanks all for your support... I think....:p


Hour 2 .. did not realize there was still an hour left of the day...DOH!


Returned to the forum laughed at all the comments above..(laugh)


Then I saw pictures from Isaac!(scary) Saw Jody's thread about the new corals he got and I thought hey that looks nice...(drooler) Then I stepped back and realized I just got a shipment of corals from ECC 2 days ago!(nutty) Then I google "Griffith's angel" thanks Tim.....DOH!


Feeling a little twitchy....(scary) Hmmmm maybe there are fish sticks in the freezer....;)

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Day 2


Dear diary it is now day 2 as I go through my "detox". Last night had really strange dreams about a rare ORA Hawkins frag that I had to have and also had dreams about the new 34g cube. Those dreams were a little more fuzzy.(bored)


Today will be an easier day as I will be at Lillith fair all day (Girl thing all you guys wouldn't understand) while my parents entertain themselves at my house.


I see aiptasia on the rocks of the 34g cube and wonder....(plotting)


Does buying peppermint shrimp "count"(scratch)

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When your undergoing rehab, every action only need be weighed upon by the initial intention. if you go out in search of sushi and end up with some peppermint shrimp, logic only tells you that you should put them in the tank to take care of the aiptaisia before you eat them. If your intentions are good, then the outcome isn't your fault.


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My name is Kendra and I'm a reef addict. I may have been getting a little cranky recently because life's responsibilities have kept me from going out to buy more live rock for the solana!! :( And yes, I considered ditching summer school so that I could go get some, but I resisted.


PS: you can't buy anything this month, but can you trade?

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Hello, my name is, well my user id says it all and yes I am an addict....


There is light at the end of the tunnel and I think you are getting close to it, you see, once you literally have no other place you can add a tank in your house and the tanks you own are so stocked you cant buy anything because it has no place to go but you buy it anyway because it is rare and you don't see it around often (if at all) then you start examining your tank for corals that you now have become "bored" with.....


Wait sorry got off track with yesterdays events


Anyway the good news is your tanks will soon be stocked and you don't have to worry about it unless you did what I did yesterday, then you get to spend the entire morning moving 8 corals around so you can place that one special new piece-(laugh)


Oh by the way , I have corals I need to sell now-(nutty)


Good luck Kim, the 1st step is admitting you have a problem-or at least that is what they say.(whistle)


Oh...And "Keep coming back, it works"



Myself, I know its a problem so I figure as long as I am aware then I am not in denial, so its all good then-It helps me justify it


Oh by the way, how are the peppermint shrimp doing


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Hi, My name is Todd and I'm an addict. I had a setback yesterday. I've done very well lately resisting CA2OR's listings and the special ECC buy that TECO did (mainly because I had no more room and not a new tank that was well cycled enough to trust it with new corals.) I've even resisted Isaac's pictures and have refrained from asking fellow junkies (Kim) to score me some sweet reef from his store. But, I let the peer pressure get to me yesterday....I went to Petco......(big breath)...I saw that they had one last 40b left....and before I knew it I had it loaded up in the truck with a new yellow sleeper gobie in the front seat. I've fallen off the wagon, but I'm sure to be ok for a while as long as my tanks are cycling that is.

Tanks for your support,


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Journal Entry 366


We were in the trenches today and it was war. there was reef fodder flying everywhere and i was in the middle of the battle. Everyone has peppermints and i looked into my tanks and saw the bare pepermintless rocks below, so luckily the local LFS had them in stock and i bought some. thanks brandon, just what i needed.

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My Aha moment!


I only have enough salt for one maybe two water changes, 4 of my t5's are over 18 months old, out of phosban media, car needs new tires, etc etc...(wife)

Just bought another coral that I apparently couldn't live without.(scratch)(Thanks Jody) Plus I went to both lfs in town, just to see what was new.(whistle)


Hello my name is Gabe, I am an addict.

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Day 3


As I look through these pages and laugh hysterically...(laugh) I wonder is this a support group or an enabler group!:p


Had a weak pepperment shrimp moment...(scary) No didn't buy any. I had convinced myself they were "maintenance" purchase but my "dealer" said no (nono) Also simply did not have the time to make it to Rosecity. Now there's a sale on hermit crabs?!!!DOH!


Today I'm going to print out this logo and make a makeshift t-shirt:;)




Now I must ponder how to rid my new tank of aiptasia without making another purchase.... Perhaps I will try to figure out a way to get the poor pepperment shrimp that is stuck in the overflow of our 150 glass tank. Poor guy decided he did not want to be trigger food!


I also wonder... does buying a light hanging kit count or do I really need to try to make a trade for it?

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Day 3 -Relapse?


Was determined to treat the aiptasia directly but tanktop insisted on getting peppermint shrimp.(flame)


What is a person to do with a houseful of coral addicts?(nutty)


Also got a light hanging kit. Thanks Nick at Rose city.


I have rationalized that these were all for maintenance!;)


Did not buy any new coral..


Interestingly the 2 damsels that we got with the Solana cube have jumped out of the tank and committed fish suicide!(sad)


I guess they did not want to live with crazy people!

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