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Need drill for wooden floor


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I am tearing down my tank February 21st (Sunday)...I am clearing out live rock (persistent hair algae), removing sand, replacing fried chiller, replumbing clogged overflow pipes, installing bigger chambered sump...I've got to move return pipes which require drilling about 2" holes through my wooden floor and subfloor...


I am hoping to borrow a "man" sized drill which won't balk at the problem...a

2" bit would come in handy but I could buy that if necessary...


I'm just looking at not wanting to rent a drill if someone has got one they could lend for just one day...I only need to drill about 4 holes...


Can anyone lend?



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I have a 1/2 makita that would do the job. I also have an adjustable hole cutter that will cut from 2" to 5" hole. Welcome to use. I don't know if you need it quickly but I would not be availble until Tuesday next week for a meet. Would also need to be during the day over lunch time or so. Shoot me a PM if you need, more than welcome to use.

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I have a 1/2" Makita as well. It will rip your hand off if your not careful. I have a 1/2" 24v drill as well which packs a good punch but it tends to go through the batteries too fast. (Good for 20 minutes or so and then you need to wait a few hours for a recharge)

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I have a 1/2 inch CORDED Black & Decker. 6.5 amp. It is not a right angle, but it does have a hammer drill feature (I was using it to drill concrete) and a handle you can attach. I am in Oregon City if you can't find anything closer.


Or for $30 you can get one from Harbor Freight (On McLoughlin in Milwaukie) They are good for a few uses, but tend to break after too much effort.




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Just a hole saw will work for you, but make sure the 2" is big enough for your PVC. If your using 1 1/2" then the 2" hole will work, 2" PVC is almost 2 1/2".


As far as scarring, use masking tape over the area that you are going to drill and use even pressure and you'll be ok. And if using a hole saw, remember that you only have about 1' clearence before it fills up with wood. You'll have to stop and even chisle the opening out and then drill some more.

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