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Chalice Group Buy


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So I really want some chalices, but these are super pricey. I was part of the ZOA group buy, and this seemed to come together pretty well. My only negative feeling is that it will take a while to get all my ZOAs because of the number of people involved.


I want to organize a chalice group buy with a little different structure. So I had some chalices that I had in mind and some we can even get from people here on the forum. I'm looking at some chalices in the $50-150 range i'll list what I have considered down below. Here is what i'm thinking and I'm open to suggestions.


Basically I will list some chalices I would like around 5 people to invest in together each individual chalice so that we will only wait until 5 eyes form before we split them up. This would allow people to vary the cost that they want to spend and select the chalices that they want to purchase.


Here is the list I was kinda thinking and i'm open to suggestions, we will see if we can get enough people on each. Also any members that have any of these that they can frag please let me know.


I am contacting www.worldwidecorals.com/ and prices will be dependent on what is ordered but here is an idea but hopefully will be cheaper.


Tyree LE Key Lime Mango Sherbert $80 ($16 each)

Tyree LE Bubblegum Monster $125 ($25 each)

Goldeneye Chalice $80 (16 each)

Mummy Eye Lookalike $65 (13 each)

WWC Radioactive Pink Watermelon $225 ($45)


Some other ones I know people on the forum may have

Oregon Mummy Eye



Also if anyone wants to order anything as part of the order it can only help the cause of getting the prices down

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This is a good option here too. Plus some of them could just be fragged up immediately.





Even if someone just wants to order and share shipping let me know.


Great place to get good deals over there Mike. IMO trying to do a chalice grow out would be a grow out that one would need extreme patience-and then some-I have a chalices that have only grown one additional eye in 7 months-I have watermelon I got from Isaac last summer, it had one eye, it now has 2 with a third showing, also got a true emerald mummy eye-it had one eye, now it has 2.


your best bet would be R2R-my last two chalice packs came from there and the last one would have ran me about 1600 from WWC and the likes-I got it delivered to my house for 400.00.


There are some SWEEEET ones for sale all the time there-so many chalices so little room (and money)


I'd go in on a few with you but it would be 6 months minimum (more like 9) before we could frag them

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couple more from that same guy that would look awesome



this one looks a bit like pumpkin patch chalice



I think doing these large colonies would be your best bet, course if you get 5 people or so it will be over 100.00 per person, but eveyone gets a couple inch frag out of it

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Like I said I'm open to ideas. I was unaware on the time frame it would truly take. We could all buy one, and house it and then frag when ready. I also found someone on reef2reef with a bunch that he could make a deal on a pack. I figured an individual would be better than going through a store.


Here is what he had

Bubble Gum Monster

tyree pink watermelon

bazooka Joe watermelon

Oregon mummy eye

4 color watermelon

Season's Greeting

pink panther

Golden eye

Luv Lava

true Miami Hurricane

Golden Melting Pot

Trop's Grape Watermelon

Orange Eye Mummy Eye


WWC pink mojito

ultimate insane watermelon

BakerBob's Orange Sherbert

Desert Sand

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Those are all gorgeous - but those are some heavily actinic'd pictures.


This is a great idea! That whole zoo grow out got me thinking the same thing - but about acros. This is a great way to acquire expense pieces with less of a hit to the wallet - as long as you're the patient type.

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We should also contact Isaac, maybe is almost ready with his new shop and I'm sure he's gonna have all the good stuff.



I agree. We should always contact our sponsors when considering doing any Group Buys and find out what is available to them.

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We should also contact Isaac, maybe is almost ready with his new shop and I'm sure he's gonna have all the good stuff.



Agreed, he was the first I turned to when looking for the red watermelon but he did not have any-


His new place is going to be real nice. We met their last year when I bought a few chalices from him-He for sure gets the goods



What do we think of this pack? $600



bazooka Joe


Golde eye

True Miami Hurricane



6 people $100 each. Everyone takes one and then we split them up once they are ready. We could possibly substitute out for some of the other on the list.


Thats a sweet deal in my opinion-I actually just picked up all of these except the hurricane-





How tough are challices to frag? I fragged one of mine and I didn't do so well. The mother is fine but of the three frags I took, one is dead and two are iffy...




I have read that they are not hard at all to frag, you just need the right tool;




Thats the right tool-less stress and it does not heat up.

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I have reached out to some of the local sponsors. So who is interested in buying some chalices? Even if its me and another person just buying 2 i'd still be interested i just want too many varieties. Or if someone has one that was on my list and wanted another one that was on my list let me know what it is and i'll buy one and swap we can swap when mine is ready.




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