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Is Precision Marine Ca Reactor worth the extra money


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Unless Joel (i am stopping by there today) has a Ca reactor that will fit my needs, I am going to be over nighting one on Mondy. Now my question is, are the Precision Ca Reactors really worth the extra money?

I was considering that or the Pacific Coast one (I know they make a good skimmer), let me know I have a day to think about this....


Travis, at Upscales, thinks PM makes one of the best ones on the Market.... so I have one vote for PM

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Guest Mbeef61

i think they are awesome burley reactors....well made and who can complain with eheim....but as far as worth the price it tough to say....try and get the best deal on one you can...i dont think you can go wrong but i do think there is definately cheaper...but i dont think you will regret getting a PM one bit.

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