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Getting rid of all livestock


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I don't have the time, energy, or desire anymore to deal with a saltwater aquarium.


Essentially I want to get rid of everything that is inside my tank. That includes two Rod's Onyx clowns, a large rose bubble-tip anemone, a splendid pseudochromis who is a mean little man (gender not known actually), a blue assessor, a bunch of mushrooms, sps, lps. There's also a limited edition supernova psamacorra from Seahorse in there.


The tank has not been maintained well, I won't deliver. If there's no interest I'll pull the rock and let it dry out, catch the fish and hope a local fish store will take them in.


I'm willing to let this all go very cheap in order to find it a new home. No pricing included, give me a price and tell me when you can come by. Known people from these forums can come visit and buy what they want. I'm in Hillsboro.


Hook up with me if you're interested, please. Want this stuff gone asap.


Once the livestock is gone I'll likely sell off the lights, ro/di unit and skimmer.

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$5/coral (or head in the case of ricordea), $5/fish + the pain of the purchaser coming and removing said thing from the tank.


If someone comes and takes *all of it* you can have it, for $100. Including rock.


Just come and get this thing empty.

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I do plan on purchasing it all. If anyone wants the pseudochromis that's one I probably won't keep. I would be willing to give him away or accept a small frag donation. Don't know how much other stuff there is as well. I'm going to try to fit it all in my tank but i may have some other things i will be giving away. Here's my number 614-378-3788. Let me know otherwise I'll probably donate it to the LFS by the end of the day.

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Not quite postal, but I felt bad that everything was looking so sad and well, ugly. =)


Mike took everything inside the tank and it is now shut down. I may post some of the equipment over the next few days, but am still deciding if I want to keep it towards the future.


Thank you everyone for your interest, and thank you to Mike and your lovely wife for coming by and taking it away so quickly!

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