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long spine urchin story


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So we have a 90 gallon acrylic tank five foot long and six months ago we saw the smalled cutest long spine urchin. About quarter size and we bought it.


So it got big fast... no biggy.. So last night we were cleaning the algae out of the trank and the urchin comes over the top of the rock and gets my dads arm. the spines went into his arm in two different places. It took hours to get the spines out and my dad said it burned like hell. we treated it like a BEE STING to nutrelize the venom.


My dad says he'll never touch the urchin again... Just shows that dad vs. urchin.. urchin wins every time..

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Fantaseas said that they would trade straight across a large urchin for a small one when the one I just bought gets too big for my tank. You may want to try getting yours out and trading it in.


I used a wooden spoon and a plastic spatula to handle the large one that I used to have.



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