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Red Bugs?!?


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Someone help me out. Are these red bugs?? I just noticed them today. They are only on my Tyree Unknown, of course. It has been losing color over time and there is no PE. All of my other acros and monti's are fine.


I need a solution as the coral has encrusted somewhat the rock it was glued to so I can't take it out to dip it.


I know interceptor works but that is prescription so I will have to check on that.


Any other solutions????




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Yeah, tough to tell from the pic. Should be easy to tell flat worms from red bugs. Flat worms are much larger, move slowly... and are flat. Red bugs are very small, tough to see at first, and move around quickly on the acro - think of them as tiny fleas.

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Yeah, the new pic definitely looks like red bugs - and a ton. You can kind of make out the yellow body with red head - even in that terrible picture.


Treat the whole tank. There is no way you have that many on a single coral and not have some on other corals - even if they look okay now.


Shane, I have a pill you can have. I treat everything before it goes in my tank as a precaution, so I have interceptor. You can also get it from 1-800-petmeds without a prescription.

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Yep I can see them moving not blazingly fast but you can tell they are moving.


If you see movement with the naked eye..... their red bugs!

Treat the whole tank. Red bugs isn't that hard to treat unlike AEFW.


Talk to your vet if you have a pet and be honest with him and maybe he will give you the pills you will need to dose your tank.

Just remove all the inverts you possibly can.

Turn off skimmer.

And remove carbon.


Add carbon and do a WC.

Wait and then repeat.


It is kinda time consuming but it is an easy thing to do.



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Yep redbugs. At least they are easy to beat. I would recommend removing all acros to a QT and dipping. I treated my tank 3 times and they still came back, as well as the worst case of cyano you have ever seen. Took me 8m to beat the cyano. Not to mention it killed all my snails, hermits, pods, bristle worms, feather dusters etc......


3 weekly dips in TMPCC or Revive along with about 8 weeks of keeping all SPS out of your display will do the trick. JMO

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I had them pop up a cpuple of times in my 330 gal sps tank. I treated the entire tank with no ill effects. I would treat at night and turn off my skimmer and carbon and in the mouring just fire everything back up. No worries.

I also think most of the lfs carry interceptor for about 10 bucks per tab.

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