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I am trying to sell these corals


Here is what I have:


Blue zoanthids colony look like Tubbs $50

Mean green zoanthid colony $30

Eye of Rah zoanthid colony $30

Green zoanthids colony $25

Pinky Tuscadero zoanthids $20

Miami Orchid big frag (ora) $35

Blasto welsi mini colony $30

Sour apple birdnest large frag $15

Green Polyp sps huge frag $15

Green sps with blue tips huge frag $20

Blue with green tip sps huge frag $20

bubble gum chalice frags $30 ea

Green millepora mini colony $15

Green granulosa mini colony $25

Green chesterfield huge frag $15

Orange cap huge frag $20

Green slimmer large frag $15

Purple sps colony (turning blue) $45

4 Purple haze monti frags $15 each

Orange zoanthid $10

Purple encrusting monti colony $20


will trade for interesting pieces also

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Here is an example of what corals are there:


a pinkish lokani colony with blue tips

a couple of blue colonies, assorted sps

a pink mille with yellow tips

a green mille

an ORA blue polyped digi

an ORA Miami Orchid

a Ponape birds nest

a big blueberry cheese cake monti

a purple haze monti

a kiwi monti

a green danae with red polyps, nice sized colony

a pink bird nest

a green digi with red polyps

several zoanthids

a really bright fire and ice zoanthid

several various montis

much more

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