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New Bulb Choice


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how many of you are running actinics?


I currently run two 110w VHO actinics along with the Phoenix 14k and the color is perfect.


Ive run Ushio 10k's in the past, but they are pretty darn yellow.



Dan, if you think the color is perfect and you are getting decent growth I see no reason to change. If you were to change who knows if you will like the looks as well.


I say stay with the Phenoix if you are happy with it!

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Lowman, I think that is my favorite website of all time.


I know i should stick with the phoenix bulbs but I guess what I am wondering is if there is a bulb out there with better "performance" at around the same Kelvin look. I will probably end up getting the phoenix again, but I want to take a look.

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The XM 15k sucks for its par reading. Ive been having this conversation with a couple of people lately and there is no doubt they are right. The XM 10k is a standout but even the xm 20k has better par than the 15.


What does this mean??? I dont know.


I LOVE my xm 15k's. I like the color they put off and i have had great growth with them. I run 3 of them over my 225 with no supplementation and the 90 i just started up i am going ot do a little experiment.....im running a 15k xm on one side and a 10k xm on the other. Going to frag up a few corals and put them in similar parts of the tank and see if that extra light can really even be used. I must say it is truly amazing how much brighter the 10k is..........i hd no idea that a bulb could be 3 times as bright as my 15k running off of the same ballast. Too bad its kinda yellow...but again...im not so sure that extra light can really even be used.....ill let you know how the test turns out though. ; )

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I have a set of XM 20 K's' date=' to blue for my taste. I wasn't getting near the growth as I am from the 10 K's.[/quote']


check this out.....this is no supplementation 10k xm next to a 15 k xm. The picture cant really tell how much brighter that 10k really is. This is true color, i have my nikon custom white balance set pretty much perfect.........


You can tell how much the 10k overpowers the 15k though by looking in between the output nozzles top center.....theres the center line.......



The rock isnt yellow even a little bit.....it sure looks that way though on the 10k side. This rock is cooked pretty thouroughly.....not much left on it......


the second pic is the 15k alone on the right side





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