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Frag Pack - $125


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Frag Pack!!! (clap)

I have never done this... (sold an entire frag pack)! ;)My corals have grown and so I'm testing the waters to see who might want to become owner to my extra goodies.. (naughty)

I am hoping to put some cash toward the purchase of a Calcium Reactor with the sale...it is much needed by me. So not only will you be getting a good deal but assisting me with keeping my tank in top shape.

The list is posted below. I want to sell everything as a complete package. I have not fragged them yet as I wanted to see if there was an interest in my offer. All pictures are of the types of corals I have...some are not the actual coral but...I will take "exact" pictures soon.


Package Contains:

ORA Green birds nest 2" with at least 2 branches (Picture is not of mine but to show what it looks like)



Red birds nest 2" with at least 2 branches



Rainbow monti 1/2" frag



Birds of Paradise ( pursed at CFM last year)1" frag (Picture is not of mine but to show what it looks like)



TEC alien eye chalice two small frags



Yellow and green acro 2" frag



Ponape Birdsnest 3/4" with 2 branches (Picture is not of mine but to show what it looks like)



Ice Blue Stag (From upscales) 2" frag


Purple with neon green eyes (Bought from Issac) Will be a nice size frag


So who is ready for this awesome deal??? Shoot me a PM and let's talk!(rock2)

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