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10 SPS frags, $125


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I have a frag pack available of 10 SPS frags for $125 if anybody wants it. I am sorry but I don't want to split it up. If somebody wants all of them it is yours. Please respond by Wednesday if you want it or it goes to reefcentral. Details below. Pictures are of the mother colonies. These are fragged and ready to go anytime. The frags are small but that is why the price is so cheap. I paid $90 online for a 1/2" frag of the ATL strawberry milli alone. Call Jake at 503-330-4772. It you want the pack a call is better than a PM because I may not be around my computer today.


ORA Green Birdsnest 1" frag with 3 branches



Ponape birdsnest 3/4" with 2 branches



Atlantis Strawberry Milli 1/2" with 2 branches, this one is small but very nice color



Palmers blue milli 1" with a few branches



Pink Milli 1" with 2 branches



Pokerstar Montipora 1" beginning to encrust on a disc



Montipora Setosa: about 3/8" frag



Blue Slimer 1" single branch



Purple milli with blue tips 1/2", this is a bad photo but the best that I can do. It looks very different in person, sorry.



Orange Monti digitata 2" with several branches


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