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help..... bad fishy


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So at one point my reef tank use to be a fish only tank. My dad decided he loved damsels. now he has corals in it his one black giant dansel keeps eating all his corals.. he thinks xenias are lunch. Our tank is a 90 gallon closed top acylic tank. the fish is huge and we cant catch him. any suggestions? we arent willing to take out rocks.. but the fish has to go

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I placed net in tank toward corner and baited the corner. When fish went to get bait, POW!, pinned against glass. I just said pow for a dramatic responce. It was actually quite easy and stressfree, now fishy resides in one of Dsoz's tanks... take care of Pedro D.

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I had to take out some of the rock when trying to catch my Rabbitfish, just so the corals on it wouldn't get damaged.

Then I placed a net into the tank for the fish to get used to the sight of it.

At feeding time the next day, I managed to net him!


If all else fails, get a few large tubs and out your rock and enough water to cover it in, then catch the fish.

It's a pain, but you'll be glad to get the fish out.

Is a store taking it in?

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