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While at the LFS has anybody come across


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a sea hare at any stores? I did a little tour yesterday but it was unsuccessful. I picked up some other stuff here and there but I really need a sea hare. I went to waves and seahorse and they didn't have any. Tried going to soutas but they were out for an hour or so and I couldn't wait around(bummer to cause I really wanted to check this store out). Rose city was closed completely for some reason. Called upscales but they did have one either. My last one just died after spawning the same as CA2OR's did. I think it may just be how they do it. He lasted a good 5 months I think, seems good for a sea hare to me. TIA

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Get a turbo. They are less fragile and will still get the job done. Cheaper too.


They also have the added bonus of changing the decoration of your tank in order to get the last bit of algae that is next to your unmounted frags.



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PM or Call Bob (Lowman) out at Davy Jones Locker. Even if he doesnt have one he has been real good about if I need something he has it there within a couple of days. He also had some Black Turbo snails, which arent quite as big as the Mexican Turbos so they dont knock everything in your tank down and they are kinda cool looking because they are all black.

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