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epic headed north coral sale.................

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im going to plan a trip up to sell some corals. as far as portland id like to do it Saturday or Sunday this weekend ill give an exact date and time tomarow.ok lots will be added through the night, but heres the start. stay tuned ill be adding some sweet stuff at great prices. lots of wysiwyg all pics taken tonight. i promise guarantee that everything is red bug free.



wysiwyg zoa frag#3 25$ price drop 20$





3.5-4 inch round scroll coral 30$pricedrop25



ok so im tired of not seeing people into chalices for there prices,so im trying to make some affordable.


wysiwyg chalice mini colony #2 35$price drop 30



wysiwyg chalice mini colony #4 30$price drop 25



i forget the name a type of acan its like routana flouna or something weird. anyways 20$price drop25$ a head. a head is like an inch or more



wysiwyg scolly 35$price drop 30$



ripple shades of purple acan echinata 10$ a head




come on lets get this stuff outa here!!!!!

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I like the ripple shades of purple acan echinata 10$ a head, and the other acan echinata for 10$ a head, let me know when you will be heading this way. I might be interested in some others too. I am going to be pretty busy this weekend but if I can make some time on your way through then it would be cool.


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Hey Shawn,


I would take that mystery monti if we can hook up while you are up here - do you know your ETA yet?


Also, what color would you say the #2 and #4 chalici (sp?) are?


BTW - are you bringing any frags of that rainbow?


Thanks! Sean

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