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  1. Guys, I need your thoughts and suggestions about this. We recently adopted an 8-month-old Golden Retriever, and he's the most playful and hyper dog I've ever met. We have a 20-gallon tank of Goldfish at home, and I'm afraid he might knock it over. Would you guys suggest that we use a dog pen or a cage to contain him at home or any other suggestion?
  2. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    That's good then Sometimes, it's hard to mix fish, especially when you've got territorial species in your tank.
  3. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Do they get along peacefully in the tank?
  4. What happened to this coral?

    Aww, I guess there was really an infection
  5. Setting up Calcium Reactor - PH

    Did you already find what causes the PH to increase?
  6. What happened to this coral?

    I hope you can still do something about it. As long as there's no infection, I think your coral can recover quickly. My cousin used superglue to restore the loose tissue on his coral that was stung by another coral caused by territorial competition.
  7. Foam during new tank start up

    You can buy a home test kit with a package of strips that contain reactants. If the strips change color, that means there's a presence of certain contaminants. Another option is to find a reputable laboratory near your area. You can check with the water authority in your place.
  8. Setting up Calcium Reactor - PH

    The readings should be similar without the CO2. I also measured ours and I got the same reading.
  9. What happened to this coral?

    Oh, it's really damaged. I also have a feeling that was stung. To be sure, try to isolate the urchin first
  10. Foam during new tank start up

    Did you have your water checked? There's a possibility that it's contaminated.
  11. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Wow! I wish I could set up a tank like that. I love those beautiful corals. How many kinds of fish do you have there?:)
  12. Need some macroalgae

    I also need some for nitrate reduction. Do you have any idea where I could avail some here in New Jersey?
  13. Foam during new tank start up

    I would have to agree with the use of Activated Charcoal. It can gently sanitize your tank and remove any debris from the cleaning materials you've used. The activated charcoal can also effectively remove the foul and stinky smell from tanks.
  14. Foam during new tank start up

    Oh, that's a lot. You should try pouring the water slowly in the tank when you're filling it to avoid bubbles. Check the filter if it's clean and be sure there's no any debris of soap in it.
  15. Hello from NJ!

    Hi all, Just got in here. I'm planning to start with a 90-gallon tank with Bichirs. Anyone familiar with these fish? I wonder if its okay to mix them with Cichlids.
  16. Hello from NJ!

    Thanks, everyone! I love the tank from the link that you've sent me. I'm planning to set the tank over the weekend. I'm still thinking what other fishes to include. Any ideas?