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  1. I can't see the colors, but the structure looks like a tri-color acropora: https://bit.ly/2IwUP8t
  2. It takes week to cycle a tank Larger water changes, less often are better Fish only grow till the size of the tank You need to siphon the sand
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen...will you please rise - as we ask you to please remove your hats...as we honor America with the performance of our national anthem... And now for tonight's starters, first visiting the Pacific Northwest. At the forward, from Oregon, 6'1" from Paradise Corals, #8 MrBret At center, from Oregon, somewhere between 5ft and 6 and a half ft tall, from the Sexton Mountains, #9 SuncrestReef. And at guard, from Portland, Oregon, #12, What_the_Frag The head coach for the PNWMAS Corals is Salted_Waffles. Presented by Budweiser - the best way to keep the Corals on the road. Come out and join us at the sidelines sports bar and grill on Sunday night - June 30th. Attention fans, N-C-A-A tie-breaker rules will apply as a result of this potential tie score. Team captains will report to mid-field for a coin toss. The winner of the toss may select to be on either offense or defense. Stick around after the game to get your chance to get some autographs from your favorite Corals players - Compliments of Mountain Dew will be served. Play Ball!!!
  4. Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was a lobo or a baby 1-2 polyb acan.
  5. BREAKING NEWS!!! The Philadelphia zoo has suffered a dramatic loss of it's most important attraction, yes, the beloved corneous dogious, or as it was affectionately known, Corn Dog. On a side note, there has been eye witness reports of an ongoing dispute amongst the photography community. We have been told the death toll continues to rise by a very serious photographer named the elusive - NanoReefer. We have a reporter on site to let us know what is happening on the streets of PNWMAS. "Sharron, over to you." "Yes, Tom, The death toll continues to rise from the number of photographers running to into popcorn stands without any awareness of where they are going. It's madness out here. They are all trying to compete for to be the best photo-thread and without food, water and sleep. It has become a tragic event." "Sharron, what do you think the death toll has become" "Tom, without counting, I almost think it has become an entire PNWMAS Main Category. A staple to our local community. It's a circus out here, Tom" - "Well, you heard it from Sharron. It's a real circus out there. Stay tuned for the Channel Eight News Coverage and the latest breaking news spread across our forum"
  6. Ah, see I didn't know this was part 1 of the 16 volumes. I can't wait for part 12 and 15. Keep 'em coming.
  7. I can't wait for The Super Guide to Algae Turf Scrubbers: Part 2 - where we complete this list. · History of scrubbers· DIY topics· Comparison to other filters· Usage with other filters· Sizing· Lighting· Water flow· Operation·  Fresh vs. Saltwater· Effects on animals· Troubleshooting· Dosing· Types of algae· Results in tank· Uses of algae· Safety I am very curious on the rest of the details.
  8. No worries. For, no man or woman shall ever grasp the depth of this thought - solely the queen.
  9. All hail the queen - of Picture of the Month. Bow before she and honor her glory. For naught are we, before her. Fortitude we lack without her. For we are in forever servitude to her bountiful and powerful pictures. Her artwork will always lay amongst the wreckage we post. For thou, must come together and vote as one for her pleasure or die in destitute. No din of a man or woman shall ever compare to her virtuous and giving pictures. Be obliged to continue only to judge ourselves as we remove judgement upon our queen. For she - is - the leader of our only primal echelonical process upon our forum. The picture of the month. Bow before her glory and all hail the queen. Gil&Fin.
  10. Give a standing ovation to our May Picture of the Month Winner: Gil&Fin
  11. Here are the rules: • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by you • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based upon a voting poll with results after the submission deadline. This months subject: Chalice Corals. Deadline: July 1st, 11:59 pm
  12. Please vote once! Voting Closes: June 8th @ 11:59 pm
  13. Welcome! I am in the Seattle greater area too. Go and check-out our member map: http://www.pnwmas.org/membermap/ It has a lot of good reef and aquarium supply stores located in the Pacific Northwest! This is a great community for novice and experienced reefers. Stick around.
  14. The Winner of the April Picture of the Month is: Derbird
  15. Please vote once! Voting Closes: May 5th @ 11:59 pm
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