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  1. Now Hiring

    We are looking for a full time core staff member in our aquatics and reptile department at the Wilsonville location. Pay based on knowledge and experience. Duties include management and maintenance of our life support systems, livestock health, customer service, dry goods management, fish and reptile order receiving, fragging, and more. Fast paced, challenging environment best suited to outgoing, self driven individuals with lots of energy. If you or someone you know may be interested shoot us a PM or apply online at http://www.crittercabana.com/general-info/jobs/
  2. Multi Tank System for Sale

    Little guys are 25.5x25x17.5H The big one I'll try to measure tomorrow.
  3. Multi Tank System for Sale

    Up for sale is a fully plumbed multi-unit aquatic system. We've been using it for quarantine but are moving quarantine to a new room that won't fit this system. It has - 9 25 gallon acrylic aquariums, - 1 100 gallon acrylic aquarium and a - 100 gallon sump. The system comes with an - emperor UV sterilizer ($390 http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/emperor-aquatics-smart-uv-40-watt.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjw0rm-BRCn85bm8uS-zK0BEiQAHo4vrJCZ30d_2MdaQJ9zE8kIYjUy33z0MT0WZKnpwDD6BOAaAhnJ8P8HAQ)as well as a -ASM G5 protein skimmer (http://www.aquacave.com/asm-g-5-protein-skimmer.html $640) . -And a Performance Pro 1/3HP pump with saltwater kit installed ($550 http://www.performancepropumps.com/cascade/cascade-details/). Each tank has its own drain and ball valves. Also comes with a few cobalt heaters. The stands are made of steel and is modular so you can configure it different than the L shape in the picture. The pictures shows the tanks half full only because we just emptied out all the fish into the new system. Use for salt or freshwater. Has auto top off. Sponge filters as backup or if you need to isolate a tank from the sump. Solid system! Picture is just a pic from our security feed, possibly more coming soon. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions. Picture available at our craigslist ad. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/fod/5769369705.html
  4. Specials 5/13-5/20

    All tank raised clownfish including designer varieties: Get one coral of equal or lesser value with purchase Large Orange Tuxedo Urchins $10 - 1 customer limit Take an extra 10% off corals - stacks on bulk discounts Zoanthids and Palys - Buy one Get one Half off Large Pink Spotted Watchman Gobies - $20 Large Skunk Cleaner Shrimp - $20 Huge Honeycomb Moray Eel, long term captive - $150 XL Volitan Lionfish - $70 BuildMyLED SW 20000k XB light fixtures 25% off Buy any nano tank package (Nuvo, Biocube, or Fluval M series) and get a $50 fish & coral credit Good through Friday May 20th. Notes from the Floor: Our fish room is amazingly stocked right now. We have never had so many healthy, pre-quarantined, voracious fish before. Lots of fairy wrasses, clownfish, tangs, puffers, and dwarf angelfish that are looking great. In the coral department we have a ton of new favia frags that are really unique (not your average dragon soul prism or war coral). Quote a few new zoanthids of varying types, lots of new chalices as well. Some pretty amazing deals on multiple head acans in our $15 section. Probably the coolest items we have in the store right now are a good variety of ultra grade hand picked rock anemones.
  5. Free RODI Water

    We have a little promo going this weekend, free RODI water (up to 15 gallons) with any purchase. Promo Ends Sunday at close. Other News: Lots of fish came down from quarantine this week looking great, eating pellet, and ready for your tank. (Flame Angels, Black Ice Clowns, Pink Spotted Watchment Gobies, tangs, jawfish, to name a few) Lots of nice cleanup critters instock right now including zebra and scarlet leg hermit crabs, hairy orange and black urchins, tiger sand conchs, cerith snails, bryopsis eating nudis, lots more. We now have BRS calcium and alkalinity powders in stock and will be carrying them as part of our regular stock We are hiring - if you or someone you know is looking for a job and loves wet hands... don't delay!
  6. Weekend Specials

    Buy 5 Get 2 free on ALL corals this weekend through Sunday night. We've gotten lots of new stuff past few weeks. Also lots of new fishing coming out of new fish quarantine mid week
  7. Sale this Weekend

    All leathers, GSP, mushrooms, and clove polyps, & Xenia BOGO free. Thursday 6/11-Sunday 6/14 Lots to pick from, a couple sample pics from the tanks below!
  8. SPS Frags Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

    All SPS frags under $40 are buy 1 get one free all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday!
  9. All Zoas and Palys 50% OFF Friday Saturday Sunday

    Thanks! Hope to see you again when it's rockin and rollin.
  10. Sale this Weekend

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday. All Closed brains 50% Off Lots of great favia frags in stock right now including prisms, jokers, necromancers, and more. Hope to see some members down this weekend! A couple sample pictures attached.
  11. Now Carrying AI Prime Fixtures

    $199.99 and we have the black housing. White available as special order. Lots of other great LED lights in stock as well! Radion, Kessil, etc.
  12. Thank you for the highlighter acro!

    Enjoy! We appreciate the pictures and shout out, Matt
  13. Critter Cabana and the Tomato Frog

    It was great to meet you and even more glad those girl scouts saved the day! That would have been a bummer trip from Kelso. Your daughter was/is awesome, we see a lot of kinda crazy kids in there and you have a right to be proud. Thanks for the pics and the shout out here on the forum. Matt
  14. WTB - Controller (Apex/Reefkeeper) and Chiller

    Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. It's MAP restricted at $524.99 which is $25 less than our regular price but we do internet price match so I would be able to do the $524.99. I can also let you know if we happen to come across something used. Matt