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  1. CritterCabana

    Critter Cabana and the Tomato Frog

    It was great to meet you and even more glad those girl scouts saved the day! That would have been a bummer trip from Kelso. Your daughter was/is awesome, we see a lot of kinda crazy kids in there and you have a right to be proud. Thanks for the pics and the shout out here on the forum. Matt
  2. CritterCabana

    WTB - Controller (Apex/Reefkeeper) and Chiller

    Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. It's MAP restricted at $524.99 which is $25 less than our regular price but we do internet price match so I would be able to do the $524.99. I can also let you know if we happen to come across something used. Matt
  3. CritterCabana

    WTB - Controller (Apex/Reefkeeper) and Chiller

    I know you are looking for used but if you can't find something; we always have the Apex standard package in stock. Matt, Critter Cabana
  4. CritterCabana

    Chloroquine phosphate

    I should also mention this is at our Wilsonville store. We don't have any marine at our Newberg location.
  5. CritterCabana

    Chloroquine phosphate

    I'm not sure if it is but I know it kills crypt and doesn't kill fish. Here is the link to the place we purchase it from, they may have more information on its purity. http://fishremedies.com/chloroquinephosphate.aspx We received this in January of this year so its reasonably fresh. Any other questions just let me know.
  6. CritterCabana

    Chloroquine phosphate

    I'd be happy to sell you some bulk at $0.35 a gram. I would not be able to provide an official dosing recommendations it would just come in a clear fish bag. I'd recommend this resource http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2013/2/fishbut it sounds like you may already have an idea of how you want to dose it so just throwing it out there. We have plenty in stock. Matt, Critter Cabana
  7. CritterCabana

    I am a Coral Killer :-(

    I think the club has a free par meter available but if for some reason its not available, just letting you know we rent one out for $10 a day with refundable deposit and aren't too far from you in Wilsonville and I know as of yesterday it was available. Matt, Critter Cabana