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  1. I have 12 of them and still have room for more. I purposely feed them 2 times a week. I really like them.
  2. At least you get yours to breed. I have yet to get mines to breed. How often are you feeding them and what are you feeding them?
  3. Nice work. I hope you like the finished product because I love it.
  4. So I finally had the time to take some pictures but my lens were not good enough. I have a picture of the tiny new colony and the mother colony. I really tried.
  5. The coral that is grow does not look like the first picture. It has the coloration of the birdnest that I have. It is possible that the thing I call a bird nest is not a birdnest. I will try to get a decent picture of it tomorrow.
  6. Last week I discover a new colony of bird nest growing randomly on the back wall of my aquarium. , a few days afterwards I found another tiny colony growing on this rock. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share. All this time I was trying to get my rock flowers anemones to reproduce.
  7. I know I seen the address somewhere but could you tell me you new place address.
  8. Do you still have the mandarin? If so, what color is he/she?
  9. Free lights. I Bought these lights used awhile ago but since replaced them with other lights. They work kind of. The first one is a reefstar. The controller on it stopped working so i disconnected the lights from the controller. It will turn on at full brightness. The next one is an aquasun. The controller on it does not work very well but the remote works. It needs a new power supply. They both will turn on.
  10. I would love to have seahorses. I love how they look and I think I have enough experience to have one or two. I also love rock flower anemones and they do not mix well with seahorse. I do not have room for another tank. 😭
  11. Ferrets sure not count, everyday is an epic day for a ferret. Everything they do is silly. They live a Yolo life style. 😉
  12. Sears in Beaverton Washington square mall is closing. You might find a counter or table for your needs.
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