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  1. Thanks for the advice but I borrowed shaywood's fish trap
  2. Anyone have a fish trap I can borrow or rent trying to catch some fish to put into another tank. Normally I borrow cuttlefish and corals fish trap but someone is using it.
  3. Still have Kenya trees and some green hairy mushrooms for free.
  4. Will take the Nero 5 but can’t pickup until tomorrow after work pm me
  5. Tearing down one tank keeping fish giving away the softies for free if anyone wants them. Hate to throw them away.
  6. Still want a single head green torch pm when ready so I can pick up
  7. What are the measurements of the reservoir I remember seeing it on your tank build. Let me know and a price. I still want one of the green torches and can pickup together.
  8. Looking for a glass type one. Thanks for the info
  9. Been following juan's post. I have a red sea max 250 running would the tunze osmolator universal 3155 be okay for this tank. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Will take one torch your post said available in a week
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