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    My 90 Gallon - 2012 FTS Growth Pic

    That looks awesome! Not just the toadstool growth but that chalice frag in Jan to now in the bottom right corner!
  2. Do you have all the barb connections and the flow restricter for the phosban reactors?
  3. Googs

    FS Red Mushroom Rock

    Thanks for the sweet deal! The shrooms and hammer look great in the tank. Nice color contrast. Your tank looks awesome BTW!
  4. Googs

    FS Red Mushroom Rock

  5. Googs

    FS Red Mushroom Rock

    How large is the rock?
  6. Googs

    LFS Update - Who's Left?

    I went to SWF last weekend and all seemed to look OK. Fish looked healthy as well as the corals.
  7. Googs

    Tunze 9002

    The tunze I recently bought from Noob has been working great. Yes, I have to top off the water every day but I do that already. It's a little hard to fine tune but it pulls out dark wet skimmate. As far as fine tuning, there is a simple mod to do for that on youtube.
  8. Googs

    WTB Frag Tank!

    I don't have a tank for ya but when you get one I have a little two step frag rack and some egg crate I'm willing to donate to the cause.
  9. Googs

    Milwaukie LFS - Little Wet Pets?

    Little wet pets...I get it.
  10. PM'd about the skimmer
  11. I'm looking for a new skimmer for my Aquapod 24. My current one is a Remora and it has never been anything special. Looking for something like an eshopps 75psk or a tunze 9002. Or if nobody has any available, any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks ahead of time! Matt
  12. Do you have a picture of the skimmers? Where are you located (other than the US)?
  13. Googs

    RBTA Question

    I want one that looks like that. (fingers)
  14. Thanks for the offer. I was hoping that somebody in the Portland area might have something laying around they would like to part with. If no hits soon, I'll let you know if I need to make a trip to Salem.
  15. Googs

    tough wiring ??? -CREE

    Yes, you can put up to 4 diodes in series with one Moonlight driver. I just installed two moonlights in my canopy with no trouble. I did wire up all four (bought the 4 led kit, only needed 2)
  16. Googs

    Items for sale

    I am moving soon so I'm trying to get rid of some extra stuff I have laying around. This is what I have so far but I will be adding a few more items soon. Here we go! I think it's a 12G nano. Hood has been gutted and the flip up door feeder doesn't stay on. All in one with back chambers. I'll include a Rio 600 return pump. SOLD Panorama LED module. White and Blue LED's. Works great. SOLD Odyessa 175W HQI with two PC actinics and two moonlights. Functions normally but would recommend a new bulb, which aren't very easy to find. I've been using an ebay special...works great, but the bulb definitely doesn't last as long. SOLD Biocube airstone skimmer. Works pretty well. I'll include an air pump and air hose. Air stone not included. Sold 221 LED panel, bought on ebay. Taken out of the box but never used. It doesn't seem to practical for fish tanks as it is not water resistant (same one at Rose City Aquarium was rusty) but it is pretty bright. $10 That's all I have for now. Please PM me (may be the slower route) or text me. I am located in SW Portland. 503-869-7362 Thanks, Matt
  17. Googs

    Items for sale

    added another light
  18. Googs

    Items for sale

    Nano, LED, and the skimmer sold! Thanks Bill, it was nice to meet you.
  19. Googs

    Items for sale

    MH Light is pending.
  20. Googs

    Items for sale

    Hmm...I think as far as dimensions go the legs are about 20" to 21" wide. They do adjust to smaller if needed. I had this over my aquapod for a while and the legs fit that perfectly.
  21. Googs

    Items for sale

    The nano and LED fixture, possibly the skimmer are spoken for by Bill.
  22. Googs

    Items for sale

    Bump, OBO. Trades for Zoas. Anything...I don't want to take this stuff with me when I move.
  23. Googs

    WTB eggcrate for a small media rack

    PM sent............
  24. Googs

    WTB eggcrate for a small media rack

    I have a whole frag rack if you're interested. Made of eggcrate...currently in a 12G nano.