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  1. Emerald525

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Excellent points here! If you all want to talk about cake go to the Food Network 😀😉! I agree the heaters are made very cheaply. I have had many stop working and have used titanium ones , eheims. I like the Cobalt because at least they aren’t made of glass and I like the way they look. As far as the cake debate , I’m more of an ice cream fan so ice cream cake gets my vote.
  2. Emerald525

    April 2018 Meeting Pictures at Golden Basket

    Thanks again for all the awesome pictures! I always look forward to these! The meeting was a lot of fun! That dang Margarita machine is heavier than it looks by the way!
  3. Emerald525

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    We will be there Sep 6 through 10 staying at the Excalibur. The winners of the free passes were Petvet and Sroberts so I imagine they will be there too.
  4. Emerald525

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Sorry that happened. Might want to send a note to Cobalt. They are one of our sponsors. I would agree a water change would be a good idea to be on the safe side.
  5. Emerald525

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Wow good thing you were home. I have had great success with the cobalt heaters but that’s scary! Any ideas what happened ?
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Emerald525

    Neptune Apex... I HATE you

    Doh! I always remind myself what a relaxing hobby it is when [language filter] breaks !😳
  8. Emerald525

    Greetings from Kelso!

    You are in luck there are a lot of skilled and experienced people in the Longview/Kelso area as well as across the bridge in St. Helen’s. Welcome to the forum.
  9. Emerald525

    Peter Pan

    Peter Pan is a nice piece.
  10. Emerald525

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    As cool as this meeting will be , I think I would rather be in Belize !
  11. Emerald525

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    This was loads of fun last year and the weather was perfect! Thanks Bert for getting this set up.
  12. Emerald525

    CNC TFT AUCTION ! #2 Rainbow Acan

    I know I was gonna bid but I was out walking the dogs.😬
  13. Emerald525

    Problems with tapatalk?

    Thanks for all you do Jeremy. Can we get the smileys back ? They disappeared...I have wanted to use the drool guy and he’s gone .😢
  14. Emerald525

    Free Washer and Dryer - Members Only

    Sirena’s daughter would like them. She’s not a member but Sirena is and we set up a tank for her kids is that close enough. 😀
  15. The May Meeting is over but I wanted to acknowledge some great members and sponsors ! @goldenbasketreef for being such a gracious host and taking the time to share your expertise on sps. Thanks for all the great coral donations as well as pitching in for the grand prize and getting the lights. I wanted those. @Sirena for helping with signs , running around the day before to get the slushie machine , spending hours planning and prepping the food and setting up. @spectra for all your time as well with providing the food. You two could go in business together catering. Totally professional job! @badxgillen for preparing for the talk and always being my go to guy for helping to clean up. @albertareef for bringing the sound system and always stepping in wherever help is needed. @lewisriverfisherman for stepping up and helping with directing parking without being asked. @Gil&Fin for taking charge of the group buys , dropping off all the tables and also in general just stepping up where you are needed. @eclipse522 for getting there early and helping me set up the raffles. The cookies were delicious ! @Exodus @R-3 and all the other members who stuck around and helped us clean up and pack every thing back up. Sorry I didn’t catch everyone who helped it was a big blur of hard working people ! Also sorry for those I forgot to mention there were so many of you offering to help ! Thanks to these sponsors for also donating raffle items! Think of these companies when you purchase because without them the club would not be as successful: Red Sea @marine depot @UPSCALES MACNA It has been a great run and I know Stylaster will do a great job taking on the president role next year! It’s been a great run!