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  1. [language filter] I was hoping it was like a where’s Waldo and you get a prize if you find him!
  2. Scott can you put this all around the house ?😂
  3. You read my mind this is what I was thinking.
  4. Option 1 please with extra reinforcements !
  5. Well you could build me a fortress .😀
  6. Lol that one won’t stand a chance !
  7. That’s pretty awesome that you are doing that! I have seen several posts where people in the reefing community are breaking out the 3D printers and making things to help the hospitals ! The reefing community has some truly amazing resourceful people. This is what I mean. It takes everyone helping to beat this current situation.
  8. I posted this on my FB page but wanted to also share this with my reefing community as well. I don’t have a tank up right now but I still think about you all and consider you my family and when this quarantine is over we are planning a big party for you all at the new house! Facebook friends sorry for the long post. I just felt like I needed to say this : On my run today I was thinking about all of you. For those of you who don’t know I am a pediatrician. While I take care of kids I also care very much about their parents. I have heard so many times from mothers and fathers : “I’m not worried about me”. “ I don’t care about me I just want to make sure my son/daughter are ok.” I tell them you DO matter. Your children need you and like the flight attendants say “Put your OWN mask on first” I know you are scared but the good news is from what we have seen in other countries children show great resilience which is a double edged sword because they can also spread the illnesses to more vulnerable members of our community. This doesn’t mean that I don’t take precautions to avoid spreading the virus to them. Mentally I am exhausted. While many of you are home I’m actually working more than normal. Please know I am happy to have my job and am happy to do what I can to put peoples minds at ease. Yesterday I worked from home and fielded nearly 80 phone calls from 9am to 5pm and today I can’t even look at my computer. Tomorrow I am at a different clinic that is further away since my clinic was shut down and I am assigned to see the ill children and will be carefully donning PPE and trying to keep it clean so it can be reused. My brother told me that people were banging pans and setting off fireworks yesterday for healthcare workers. That struck me as strange because I don’t think my job is any more important than any of yours. The term essential worker does not sit well with me because your job isn’t any more or less important than my job. We all have strengths and different skills and we all bring value to our community and you are missed at work. Many of you have helped me because as some of you know I have a very specific skill set and I follow the adage “stick with what you know”. I focus my brain power on learning all there is to know about pediatrics and I love that even if I read for hours every day I still wouldn’t know it all. So needless to say I’m not going to pick up a DIY plumbing book any time soon. (I did once and it wasn’t pretty 😬). For those of you who are also bothered by the nonessential moniker - please know that you do matter and you are important and you ARE essential to so many people. I can feel the anxiety in the air and please know you are not alone. We are in this together and we will get through it. For those of you who feel helpless there are so many ways you can help. Staying positive helps. The thumbs up one of you have me on my run helped. Refraining from the name calling and finger pointing that happens so much on social media helps. Left right black white up down we are more alike then different. Stay healthy stay safe keep your distance and use your common sense. I am here for you all. #community #weareallessential
  9. My house is at the bottom of a hill and he was on the wrong side of the street. He was going fast and was clearly intoxicated. You will see the place soon enough. It is awesome!
  10. I think the dude was drunk. It happened overnight. He left the scene. Came back in the afternoon. The owner said he was sleeping when she came by. Great area just have a mailbox on the end of the street now. As I walked up the street I realized many owners have reinforced ones.
  11. So Sirena and I moved 3 weeks ago to a new house just before the Covid shutdown. Both of us work in healthcare and are still going to work with some virtual mixed in. My clinic shut down so I have to go to a different clinic to work. We woke up to this last Tuesday morning. 😱 Shout out to @wegotjs. He was coming over o out up a fence for us but I told him priorities changed and he was able to go to Home Depot set up a temporary mailbox and get us a quote for a new one !! This was greatly appreciated so I could field calls and take care of my patients. Hell of a housewarming gift ! The owner of the car had many different “stories” as to how this happen so I took lots of pictures. 🤨
  12. Very nice online store Rudy. Good deal on the Utter Chaos even with the new price. You are always working hard and you make it look easy. Quick question it says pick a delivery date. Are you shipping only with the Covid precautions or is store pick up available ? Just maybe have to stay in the car and have someone run it out ?
  13. That’s as low as I am going to go. I have lots of storage available now in the new house so plenty of time to wait out the Covid 19 pandemic 😎
  14. Okay how about 350 for ATI, bulbs, and the Current? Anyone ?
  15. I think you’re on to something maybe I should change the title.😉
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