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  1. I could have given you the matching hat.
  2. They can for sure as they are profit based. We get most of our funds from the memberships and we are a nonprofit. These rules protect fellow members from also getting unfairly bashed. A lot of times in the past people would also chime in to defend their favorite vendors or it would start getting personal kinda like the threads referred to did. Life is stressful enough already without having lots of unnecessary negativity with what is supposed to be a fun hobby.
  3. Because it goes against the rules. The nature of the threads is for people to go on ithr defense and they would just spiral. This has been the rule for ten years now and was modeled after Reef2reef which has worked well. The current mods actually let the threads run more than they should have.
  4. Welcome to the forum !! I had a clown/anemone tank for about a year and then wanted to do sps again. It was fun!
  5. Nice growth and nice of you to share with the forum first !
  6. Make room! I’m sure Scott could make you a nice custom steel stand at a good price to go with it! I’m sure Ken would give you a deal too!
  7. Welcome to the forum. I have always been a fan of the Tunze ATO. I am not into automation as some people but definitely feel like for quality of life and stability an ATO is worth the money.
  8. Glad I’m not the only one who primarily got out of this post WWC yellow tip frags for sale. #silverlining #addiction Great information too Rudy.
  9. I loved my Red Sea 250 except for the stand and I like shallow tanks. I retrospect I would have had someone build me a better stand. I have had 5 or 6 tanks up at a time because you just can’t do everything you want in one tank.
  10. Welcome to the forum. It’s quite dangerous when couples are into the obsession. It is easy to go to fast. We have all done it! Be careful you will end up with 5 tanks ! I am not as familiar with waterbox tanks but they look really nice.
  11. ATI Powermodule would also be a good choice. I had a 4 bulb over my 20 but it was a mixed reef. 6 x 24 would be perfect. You also may want to consider Reefi. I am going to try out his light on the grandkids SR60 as soon as I get the mount but Daniel is local and super helpful with problem solving.
  12. It’s a 25 lagoon. Not much of a build thread lol. Here’s the task I dumped in some rock and sand and I am done.
  13. I am sure they will rotate around and there is nothing little about a 750 so no .
  14. @Jorge Happy Birthday to a great guy! This guy is an incredible reefer with many stories of dropping everything day or night to help out a fellow reefer in need! You may see him at Cuttlefish! If you do wish him a happy birthday !! Hope you have a great day !
  15. Hey Brian I hope everything is okay. Let me know if you need anything. You were always there offering to help with the club meetings. The club will be here when you decide to come back. Many of us are here for you if you just want to have a beer and talk.
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