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  1. We have cards!!

    @Flash21 yes it was a wedding gift for Sirena. I fell in love with them when I took Sirena to a car show. It's like having a little leopard. @albertareef Sirena would have shown them to you we were just afraid they would get out with all the people! @Trailermann I love your "cat" ! He's a beauty. I'm actually the dog person. The kittens look d of drive me nuts knocking stuff off of the table.
  2. We have cards!!

    You asked for it you got it!! Thanks Zoolander and Cherany for working on getting these printed up!! I will pass them out at the September meeting !! Next goal is to get t-shirts made !! ( Disclaimer the kitten has NOTHING to do with this post at all just looked cute when I was taking pictures !)
  3. Need help with ID

    Ha ha I have never heard them called Texas Trash. I like that name better!
  4. September Club Meeting!

    yes she's punny... ;0
  5. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    @Sasquatch It will be from 10am to 3pm. Thanks for asking.
  6. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    Thanks for signing up and hope to see you soon!
  7. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    LOL you need a bigger car! We are going to have some pretty amazing raffle prizes too. At our regular meetings we have given out mp40s, mp10s, gyres, red sea nanos. So definitely well worth the trip and my hope is we can make enough money to get the Boys and Girls Club a brand new tank.
  8. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    That's awesome! Red Sea saved the day and they do make awesome seahorse tanks!
  9. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    Wow that's awesome that you won! I was at sea-max too! There will be around 8 to 10 vendors we are trying to keep it small since this is the first show we are doing. The speaker is Laura Simmons. We are flying her out all the way from Australia. I am very excited to have her. Here is her talk she did at Macna last year:
  10. Barrier Reef's 3rd Annual Frag Swap & Sale

    Looks like a great show! These frag shows are so much fun! I wish I could go but I will be watching the Cowboys season opener! I definitely encourage anyone who can to make the drive. It's only a little over 2 hours from the Portland area.
  11. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    This is my hope too that we can make this a yearly event and watch it grow ! Thanks so much for your support in getting this going. You and Jim are always a great help and much appreciated !
  12. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    Yea it's time to show some love to Vancouver
  13. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    What is it you say?!! Why it's the best frag show ever in the Portland/Vancouver area !
  14. The board and officers have been working really hard to bring you a frag show! I wanted to get the word out because you don't want to miss this! We will have several vendors with their choice corals to sell you! We will have a Macna level guest speaker that we will be flying out all the way from Australia to do a talk! You thought we had good raffles at our meeting , the raffles will be bigger and better! The show will be at the Boys and Girls Club in Vancouver Washington and the proceeds will go to Tanks for Teacher. We want to replace the tank they have and also get new livestock as they lost most of their coral and fish due to the school closing due to inclement weather! There will be food provided by the excellent culinary services known as Sirena. You had her ribs , you won't want to miss what she has in store for you! The DATE is Saturday October 14 !! Save the date! This will be a blast! This will be like a regular meeting on steroids! Some of the coolest corals I have had are from these type shows as the vendors bring their best! More details coming! Just wanted to get the word out so you can take the time from work , cancel your other vacation plans to come to this show!!