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  1. Welcome ! I love Red Sea tanks! Thanks for posting a picture.
  2. Well then update your build thread for a chance at a prize !! 😀
  3. Come on people let’s see those tanks ! I need inspiration !! Here’s my empty IM 25 lagoon!! Here’s my empty Red Sea Reefer 170 which will likely be a future seahorse tank when Sirena gets out of school ! Oh and let’s not forget the little Frag tank and the 40 breeder and the school tank! Does this count @Higher Thinking?😂 I’m trying to challenge Ron for the tank storage (hoarding )challenge !!
  4. It gives you and your significant a full membership at a discount primarily. Instead of 25 dollars a member it ends up being 15. The main advantage is during the raffle when each member of the family present at the raffle (unless online then you don’t have to be present ) gets a ticket.
  5. We have given away an Mp40! Raffled some choice items off had a photo contest !! But wait there is more !! Coming soon to a forum near you is another Cuttlefish group buy! Those of you who have done these know you won’t be disappointed! It’s your time to get a high end coral at a bargain price !! You have to be a supporting member to get in on this deal and there are only a few spots. When: Monday September 21 at 7 and 7:30 What: high end sps coral and lps coral Who: Supporting members only 😎 More details coming soon!! Heres is how to become a supporting mem
  6. Welcome to the forum Soggy! Looks like you’re off to a good start !
  7. 20 tickets 5 to the refractometer 5 to the alk checker 5 to the phosphate checker 5 to the Nero 5
  8. You need to pay I order to get the free ticket but well worth it as you get a free ticket with every raffle and other club benefits such as use of a par meter. Here’s how you sign up !😃
  9. Free member ticket for the refractometer and Sirena would like hers to go there too. 😃
  10. Welcome ! Great start and love the rock work ! Also very wise to minimize the amount of fish. It’s often a rookie mistake to overstock the tank. Yes it’s too bad the in person meetings aren’t available but we are planning to do some virtual things to help everyone feel connected.
  11. Sponsoring and supporting are the same thing. You paid for a membership. 😀 Sorry I will get you on the list. Missed you because you were a bler.😉 Actually there’s a glitch if you lost right at the same time we can’t always see the post initially. I should have all the names now if you don’t see the name it means you were missed or we don’t have you as a supporting member.
  12. I guess I need a tank lol !! I love those I hope the grandkids keep it alive!
  13. Paid via PayPal for the yellow eye hydnophora
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