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  1. And the winner is @JimmyK with 200 dollar bid !! Thanks for the generous bid and that puts the winnings at the 5k Mark! PayPal is evry1has1@gmail.com
  2. The ten dollar frags is something one of our local reefers does . The ten dollar group buys were just something Jeff at Cuttlefish did for a recent party . I still prefer T-5a and Mhs over LEDs but the LEDs do save on the heat and electricity
  3. Thanks for the Kudos ! Just to give you all a sense of the behind the scenes here is just one of the many lists I keep. These things would never happen without a core group of dedicated individuals as well as all the volunteers who take their responsibilities seriously. There are so many places where things could go wrong if someone doesn’t do their part. It takes a lot of trust and passion and all of you never cease to amaze me !
  4. That was quite the party! Thanks for sharing ! Sadly I have no pics .
  5. Welcome to the club! Red Seas are great tanks. Patience is definitely a difficult thing to have when there are so many cool things. Five months should be more than ample time to start adding things particularly if you used one of the many products that adds nitrifying bacteria. Probably the biggest change I noticed was the lighting. All the other technology (Apex, trident , algae scrubbers ) are just new toys. You can still have a decent tank with regular water changes , a good skimmer and a good nutrient remover like a refugium. It all just depends on what you want and what you like to do .
  6. Welcome to the forum ! Sps can be the most challenging yet rewarding challenges of the hobby! You have come to the right place . There are lots of sps masters !
  7. I am hoping Jeff keeps one of them so we can all enjoy it. The mysteries are a fun fish too. I just couldn’t keep shrimp anymore .
  8. Yes it does ! That’s awesome that you got one ! So jealous ! Wish I had a tank up right now !
  9. I might have to sweeten the deal a little ! Auction ends Monday night !
  10. Agree it has the feeding response of an LPS coral. Sometimes it is difficult to Id from a small frag but possibly Galaxea coral ?🤔
  11. Ha ha it’s actually Gangnam Style which is Korean. Here is an up close picture . I really love this fish! I was also impressed that less than 24 hours it was out. The other 2 are still hiding in the sand which has been my experience with wrasses.
  12. It’s the perfect fish for Led lights . The blues in the fish picked up the blues in the lights and it was mesmerizing to me.
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