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  1. Emerald525

    Cuttlefish and Corals makes the big time !!

    You should sign all the copies Jeff. Coral magazine is a great magazine. It has the right mix of up to date information and awesome photography.
  2. Emerald525

    new years bounce

    The great thing about them is they are fairly fast growers and are pretty hardy !
  3. Got my coral magazine today and guess who is featured in an article about that classic LPS the micromussa ! Way to go Jeff !! Representing PDX!!
  4. Emerald525

    Mushroom naming contest

    No you’re close it looks a lot like the toxic pie chalice but there was a Toxic Avenger chalice. I suppose that doesn’t mean there can’t be a toxic avenger mushroom too though.
  5. Emerald525

    Mushroom naming contest

    Toxic avenger is my favorite so far but isn’t there already a coral with that name ?🤔 Like a chalice or something ... If not that gets my vote !
  6. Emerald525

    Mushroom naming contest

    Oh my nobody wants to even think about that !😀 That can mean something else ....🙄
  7. Emerald525

    Mushroom naming contest

    Beautiful. I think you should give one away for the contest ! This reminds me The Lion King with the bright orange skirt it looks like a mane or the sin so here are my ideas: The Circle of Life mushroom The Lion King mushroom Simba mushroom Sizzling Simba mushroom Hakuna Matata
  8. Emerald525

    December 2018 Annual Holiday Meeting Pictures

    Great write up !! Wallerys is a great venue for the holiday party !! Sirena and I were sorry we missed it but we were at Rockaway Beach with the grandkids at a nice beach house. The white elephant is one of my favorites and I guess I will hang on to the cool gift we got for next year. Thanks to all the board and officers I know the time it takes to plan these events. I agree with Intothemystic that it’s always a bunch of kind and fun people to talk to. It’s nice to see a few new faces too!! Great job everyone !!
  9. Emerald525

    Package thief - ultimate revenge

    Agreed . While highly entertaining I have long since thought that many of the “prank” videos are faked for safety and liability concerns. This one was highly entertaining and did strike a nerve of satisfaction having had someone steal a package but yes I also thought the reactions seemed to perfect for it to be real thieves.
  10. Emerald525

    Happy Birthday Cuttlefish!

    Happy Birthday Cuttlefish the King of Coral! You are a great friend! A great supporter of this hobby and you throw the best parties! Your kindness, caring and generosity are greatly appreciated and this hobby is so lucky to have you! You also have an eye for some of the coolest coral! Love you man!
  11. Emerald525

    Happy Birthday Gil&Fin!!

    Hey when you get to be our age you never joke about a birthday! She’s just enjoying her birthday !! @Gil&Fin your adoring fans want to know how your birthday was.
  12. Emerald525

    Happy Birthday Gil&Fin!!

    Happy Birthday Holly!! You do so much for this forum I hope you are getting pampered and spoiled today on your special day!!
  13. Sounds like you have some fish now. What kind of food will you need ? Hit him up ! Rod is a good guy and always true to his word !
  14. Emerald525

    Hello, again!

    Welcome back ! I would offer you some corals too but I don’t have a tank up right now . I justcheck in here still from time to time.
  15. Emerald525

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    You know how to throw a good party !!