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  1. Jeff is also pretty generous when it comes to TanksForTeacher. @scissortail We will be having a cinco de Mayo party there May 5. I’m sure we can hook you up !
  2. The only thing I can think is that it will affect the coloration of your coral like you mentioned already. It also will affect the amount of algae you may end up with in your tank particularly the green hair algae.
  3. Mmmm that looks delicious Old style Mexican coke sounds like an amazing ingredient. I know who to hit up for help now next time we do one of these !
  4. Looking forward to seeing you too Dodge and I promise the meat will be identifiable as chicken or beef but Sirena could throw in some vegan options too! Lol that’s awesome! That sounds delicious. ! If you dress up like a Merman I’m sure all will be forgiven !
  5. That’s awesome a live band ! The last one we did there was epic !! There were enough group buys for a years worth of parties !! Yes!! We will save some for you ! Ha ha !! I need to recruit you for my FB trolling forays !!
  6. Thomas !! Glad to see you back !! Yes please come !! Yes Scott and Sirena make a great team ! Exactly should last for a few hours !
  7. Ohhh !! Everclear jello— shots and “memorable” typically don’t go together in the same sentence.😁
  8. Lmao!! With all that was posted that’s the one thing you honed in on! No wonder we get along !!
  9. It has been too long!! I don’t miss the work of having a tank up but I sure miss all my fellow reefers !!
  10. We are having a party!!! Save the date you won’t want to miss this !! Sirena and I miss you all and we miss throwing a good party !! When: Sunday May 5 12 noon Where: Cuttle Fish and Corals What : Street tacos and all sorts of Mexican fare provided by our own skilled chefs Sirena and Scott There will be group buys , there will be raffles , there will be deals!! Holly will be there with ten dollar frags! More to come!!!
  11. Thanks for sharing. I have a special place in my heart for that tank. It originally came from s fellow reefer almost ten years ago. We set it up at Pioneer school in SE Portland a special needs school. It then went to the Boys and Girls club until that tank was upgraded. Glad to see it is still around to continue to inspire and touch so many kids lives. Let me know if you want need anything in particular in livestock. I don’t have a tank up right now but I have considerable credit still at CuttlefishandCoral.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I stopped going to the prior shop in NE Portland because the fish came straight from the wholesaler who was next door and they were not given anytime to acclimate. Ich doesn’t bother me as much as the husbandry practices. The fish were stressed didn’t have time to acclimate and never did well. It was too bad because there was such a nice selection. He used to be a sponsor on this site years ago but stopped because of all the bad experiences people were reporting. As the saying goes , the most expensive fish is a dead one.
  13. Happy Birthday Ryan!! I hope you are having a fun birthday filled with corals and new tanks that you will sell ten minutes later!!!
  14. You should sign all the copies Jeff. Coral magazine is a great magazine. It has the right mix of up to date information and awesome photography.
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