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  1. I like it we should call him that !
  2. Happy Birthday John !! I hope you have a great day! You have been a wonderful addition to this group! Your experience and expertise with Apex and your willingness to share your knowledge has been a huge asset for this forum! You are always willing to lend a helping hand and open up your home ! You represent what this club is all about !!
  3. They are actually rated really highly on consumer reports
  4. Welcome back! It’s been almost two years since I have had a tank up. I try to stay away from Jeff’s for the very reason that he would lure me in !
  5. Ha ha ! I didn’t tell him how to change it!
  6. You can actually change the member title to what every you want ! I am now the master butt crack !
  7. It’s the same process as cancelling other subscriptions. The system intentionally makes it difficult. I was President when it auto renewed and there were a handful of people that i would refund when they messaged me. It was not a lot of work for the steady revenue the club was bringing in and certainly less than what Chief is going through. There is also a way to cancel the autorenewal. In the last we lost quite a bit of revenue with the old system. The member dues actually bring in a lot of steady money to keep the club going. I would vote for keeping auto renewal and just maybe having instructions on how to cancel.
  8. This really sucks Brian. I know how hard you worked to get it up and running. I didn’t even have a chance to see it. Sorry your dream keeps getting derailed but I know you will be back.
  9. You know Mandinga’s stuff is good when you have The Godfather of coral sending a pm! 😉 Isaac does know what he is doing and some of the nicest pieces of coral I have gotten from him and then sold to a lot of you. No tank or I would be all over this ? No tank and I still want to be all over this !😂
  10. Great venue and definitely worth the drive. Roy has an eye for coral and you can get a great deal on beautiful corals ! May have to make the drive out depending on what is happening with my crazy busy life right now!
  11. Emerald525

    Defeated by SPS

    Love how even with the loss of your sps you are already offering up frags. If I had a tank up right now I would surely donate some choice frags to you.
  12. Emerald525

    Defeated by SPS

    You can count on it. That’s why u refused to have a tank upstairs. If it has 100 gallons of water , it can leak.
  13. Emerald525

    Defeated by SPS

    Sps specifically acropora are the great heartbreaker. It happens to the best. Pretty much all the reef masters I know have had some sort of crash happen. You can almost count on it which is why many people coral bank meaning you give away some of your fellow reefers with the understanding when you lose one because you looked at it funny you can get a new one. You could also consider moving some of the ones that appear to have stn but that has risks as well. Good luck and sorry to hear this happened and welcome to the I flooded the floor club. You’re in good company!
  14. I have always been happy with the T5s and the color and growth. Yes you have to change the bulbs out over time unlike LEDs but I like the look. Heres my Frag tank build. Too bad this light is buried in storage right now or I would give you a deal. Tank had same dimensions as yours. There was some shady spots on the end but that was intentional as I have always been a chalice lover and that’s where I put some of my chalices and other lps.
  15. Happy Holidays to you as well !
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