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  1. Nice set up and well deserved. I was looking at this thinking I want John to set up an automated tank for me . I love the sleek look of the Reefi lights too! Daniel just keeps getting better and better with his designs. You are running out of room in the stand . Time to build a fish room!
  2. Happy Birthday @Bicyclebill Shout out to a super nice guy with an awesome tank full of acros! Bill is a humble guy but one of the more knowledgeable sps masters on this forum. He can school you on calcium reactors, dosing and the space time continuum! Hope you are having a great day Bill!
  3. Welcome! I don’t know of anyone in that area but Portland is not too far away !
  4. Is it possible it got stung ? I see a Favia in the background and at night the tentacles can come out particularly if you dose with aminos.
  5. Okay if i will let you know if I don’t hear back from the other person
  6. @Cobalt are you interested in me shipping the algae scrubber and the MP10wqd?
  7. Oh I don’t have that lol. I had to look back and see if it was listed. An aqua lifter works just fine for those and is relatively cheap.
  8. Oh sorry did you mean the MP10? I have one person interested but have not heard back yet
  9. The pump is actually sold . Sorry I didn’t mark it clearly enough.
  10. So sorry to hear that Thomas. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to use a heater on a tank. That’s a long time to have a clownfish. This hobby can be heartbreaking at times. If I had a tank up I surely would help you out.
  11. This thread wins the award for for the most off-topic thread of the week! Now I want an acrylic tank made with bubbles in the seams at double the price. Make Aquariums Great Again!
  12. Special shout out to a very special member of this forum Badxgillen!! You will not meet a more generous , knowledgeable, humble and hardworking man. I think most of us have gotten corals from this guy and I always feel like I’m getting a hell of s deal. I have worked with this guy on the board and Robert is always the last one to leave and make sure everything is packed up. He has been our fearless leader for a few years and works hard to make sure this forum keeps going ! Thanks for being you Robert!
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