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  1. Emerald525

    Diving back in - quick introduction

    Welcome !! I’m glad you found us too! There are typically monthly meetings except in November. The holiday party in December is usually great with lots of raffles. I haven’t heard when they are planning it but it usually alternates between Salem and Portland area.
  2. Emerald525

    Rare new Blenny at cnc!!

    I knew Jorge the minute you posted this it was going to be some sort of joke!! Thanks for bringing the funny!
  3. Emerald525

    favorite aquarium memes

    This one was sooooo bad it was funny.
  4. They did say during the talk that you could find them on the Marine Depot site but not sure where.
  5. Sorry to hear this. They have been a sponsor for a few years and shipping has always been fast and cheap. Usually when quality suddenly goes down there are some sort of personnel changes. Either new management or budget cuts. @BulkReefSupply hopefully you see this and can provide a response.
  6. Emerald525

    Breathtaking dive in Papua new Guinea, Raja Ampat

    Ignore Pdxmonkeyboy he’s the resident Harvard mule. 😉 I didn’t hear any music on the video by the way.
  7. It is a nice way to have an expert available without all the expense of bringing one to a meeting. It would be great if we could do one of these on a weekend at one of our meetings with some sort of giveaway. Any information about dosing and in my mlnd the ultimate challenge : how to keep all the corals in a mixed reef thriving when they have different needs.
  8. I listened in today! I would recommend others try this. You call in and at the end have an opportunity to ask questions. I didn’t even catch that you also get prizes! I got a sample pack of Brightwell products! Brightwell makes great products. They are consistent and good quality. I was using the Calcium , Magnesium and Dkh .
  9. Emerald525

    Palau banning sunscreen

    Oh yes I remember hearing about that. I just blocked it out of my memory.😁
  10. Emerald525

    Palau banning sunscreen

    Yes many places are switching to safer options for sunscreen. They did in Australia too.That’s a good thing. What cruise ship did that ? I finally made it to the Barrier Reef. I wish I had my diving certificate. The snorkeling was the best I have done.
  11. Emerald525

    PNWMAS NW Frag Fest October 2018

    Thanks Bert for posting the pictures every month. Your commentary makes it feel like I’m there when I miss a meeting. Thanks everyone for all your hard work , early hours ! It is nice to see and meet people all over the community and have people pitch in where they can!
  12. Emerald525

    favorite aquarium memes

    This is not my situation but some of you can relate.
  13. Emerald525

    Why Chasing Colors is Better Than Chasing Numbers

    If I can make it work with my schedule I will !😀
  14. Emerald525

    Why Chasing Colors is Better Than Chasing Numbers

    Brightwell makes top notch products. I use their alk, calcium and magnesium solutions. This sounds like a great topic too. I feel like too many people chase numbers and cause more harm then if they just left it alone.
  15. Emerald525

    Hello from lewis county

    You better when the lottery , racing is an expensive hobby too. Seems like every hobby can be .