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  1. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    My plan all along was to get an RV which is why I bought the diesel truck! So excited !!
  2. Okay I have you down! 😀 I believe that makes the count 38 !!
  3. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    And yes you did!! We looked at a lot of trailers and did a lot of research. At first we were looking at the Rpods but fell in love with the Micro Minnie’s. We got the 2108 DS model with the Murphy bed and we love it! In doing research these are fairly well made compared to some other trailers. So excited !!! Thanks for all the great advice !! Who wants to go camping ?!!!
  4. CNC Auction # 6 RMF Acid Trip .5"

    This is an amazing piece ! 40 dollars
  5. Oh nice I don’t have the same excuse !
  6. You’re up early. I guess so am I ! 😀
  7. Oh and I forgot to mention when you PayPal please gift it so the club doesn’t incur any fees. You can trust the club!😀 List updated! Thanks all you early payers!
  8. CNC Auction # 6 RMF Acid Trip .5"

  9. CNC Auction # 9 Holy Grail Bowerbanki

  10. CNC Auction # 4 Multi Color Yuma

  11. CNC Auction # 4 Multi Color Yuma

    25 dollars !
  12. CNC Auction # 3 Green Yellow Zoa

    Love the skirt on them !