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  1. yes Artfully acrylic is where I ordered mine as well. It takes a while as they custom make each one. We are getting Bengal kittens which like water so we wanted to be extra careful. You know how Sirena is with her seahorses. It would be easy pickings for a cat and this was what other owners recommended as it locks in place.
  2. Looks great! I ordered one like that too as we will be getting kittens soon and didn't want them to be tempted.
  3. Thanks Garrett!! Your shop is always fun to visit and you have a great crew working for you !! Sirena loves her feather duster! I always love you write ups and there were a lot of new faces and we signed up a few more members thanks to Garrett's generous deals!! It was a great time and we got a really good group!!
  4. Aww yes had something similar happen at work one day.
  5. Definitely worth the money . Why is the power out? Does the heat have anything to do with it?
  6. Great time to sign up as a member!!! Grilling has begun!!
  7. Yes meeting is this Saturday at The Premium Aquarium in Salem from 2 to 4 pm!
  8. There is only one Premium Aquarium now it is in Salem. The prior one in Wilsonville is now All Things Aquarium! Thanks for asking.
  9. We are really stepping up the prizes for the meeting! I'm pretty excited and you have to like those odds! Typically there are about 30 or 40 people who show up to these things! All you have to do is show up to the June meeting at The Premium Aquarium and buy some raffle tickets and you could bring this awesome prize home! Many reefers swear by these and it can be a great investment in saving the loss of all your corals! In case you missed the thread, here are the meeting details:
  10. I have a feeling it is just an area that does not get as much flow and the nutrients settle there but very interesting. They are cool looking and not problematic other than they can over grow a space you might want to put another coral. My melanarus eats them so I don't have them growing like I used to.
  11. Pretty generous of you Scott but that's not surprising you have always been a generous guy!
  12. Sorry you can't make it ! Work always gets in the way!!
  13. Ha ha!! Well it's fun and dangerous to have your significant other in the hobby !! There's no voice of reason when it comes to buying !! How's your cube coming along?
  14. You and Sirena have that in common! Seahorses are what sucked her in! You are becoming our local seahorse expert!!
  15. I sent a message to Polythene Pam to connect with Cherany. She has the handheld meter.