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  1. Emerald525

    To much light for my new LPS... receding?

    Sounds like you have done anything and since they are not receding , you are on the right track. It has been my experience that it takes ten seconds for a Coral to have issues and ten times as long for it to heal.
  2. Emerald525

    To much light for my new LPS... receding?

    Light doesn’t typically make them recede just bleaches them. Were there other corals that could have stung it? At night some of the chalices get really large sweeper tentacles. Also acans and chalices can get infections. Dipping them in something like Revive and then rinsing them in saltwater and keeping them in a lower light and low flow area like you are doing is a good thought. I have had chalices where even sand thrown on them by a wrasse caused parts to recede.
  3. Emerald525

    PNWMAS history?

    @Chief our admin has been here from the beginning. He can give you that information. @stylaster is the current president. @TheClark are other admin can give you the technical information you seek. 😀
  4. Emerald525

    September Meet and Greet at Molokos

    It’s a sad day when I’m the detail person! Moloko is a fun place I probably can’t make it anyway my weekends are full in September.
  5. Emerald525

    September Meet and Greet at Molokos

    What day in September is it ?
  6. Emerald525

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    There was a great turnout. I saw you quite a bit as well as a few people from the Seattle area. It was also good to touch base with Laura Simmons from Cairns Marine who did our talk last year at the frag show. Mark Callahan was there as well and will be the guest speaker for the frag show. Sadly I missed most of the talks as the poker and blackjack table kept calling me!There was a panel discussion about the state of Fiji, Hawaii and Indo.
  7. Emerald525

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I think you did more drinking than gambling !😀 I started out in the hole but made a comeback my last night !😀
  8. Emerald525

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    Yes I love that ORA tank!
  9. Emerald525

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    The Guiness Stout that Jeff bought me was fantastic ! 😉 That’s Holly and her husband Brian and Kelly his wife and Jeff himself (or at least his hand) I did like the new IM nuvos with the sumps and clear backs. It’s also fascinating to see all the new fish that biota has now that are tank raised. This was a tank full of baby clown triggers. And I really loved this dog!
  10. Emerald525

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    Whoa last night was a blast !! I don’t have any photographic evidence as I left my phone in the Uber but Jeff was a wild man at the blackjack and poker table. Had a blast with Holly , Kelly (Mrs. Cuttlefish ) R-3 and Exodus! Sirena finally showed up after flying in and ended up walking 3 miles down the strip because Jeff told her it was right across the street! 🙄
  11. Emerald525

    what tongs are the best?

    Well we enjoyed learning about them. Even though I don’t drink much I have always loved seeing all the different varieties of liquor.
  12. Emerald525

    what tongs are the best?

    Thanks for the trade and recommendation on the liquor. Sirena was excited to find something new to try !
  13. Emerald525

    New tank

    I saw the tank at Jeff’s. Very nice looking tank!
  14. Emerald525

    Is this Bryopsis?

    I have had good luck with several of them .😀
  15. Emerald525

    Is this Bryopsis?

    I have also have had great luck with purple tangs clearing it out.