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  1. Thanks Jeff!!

    You already have the Colorado ! Don't get greedy !😀
  2. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Ewwww whatever you do please don’t post what you find here ...
  3. Thanks Jeff!!

    Jeff typically has some of the best nems waiting for that flame tip to come around again!😀
  4. On a mission

    Welcome Harrison ! Sorry for the late welcome I just now saw this thread! Glad you found us!
  5. Good afternoon

    I’m part of that flood club! 😀
  6. Big mama has baby

    I’m attached to it and I’m in that bored with acros phase again...😀
  7. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    I didn’t know there was such a thing !🤔
  8. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    That's funny!! I was like 😲 whoa ...Cherany is [language filter] swearing on the forum!😀
  9. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    Gift certificates will be part of the raffle for sure as the sponsors renew.
  10. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    There’s always a Justin Bieber electric toothbrush for some reason...🙄 Fair warning if I somehow snag said item, I am belting out Despacito! You have been WARNED!!
  11. Good afternoon

    Next time I’m in Montana or you’re in Portland !
  12. Good afternoon

    Oh good just not showing up on my phone !!!
  13. Good afternoon

    She even paid her memebership though it’s not showing up yet .... 🤔
  14. Big mama has baby

    @caolewis This is the gem you have been eyeing! It’s growing quite nicely!
  15. Good afternoon

    This is what I thought might be a nem or a gigantic pocillopora of some sort but you just don’t often seen them grown to that size! Very nice! I love to see nice colonies grown in!