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  1. That’s a classic for sure and one of my favorite montis!
  2. Super generous of you Rudy! I would be bidding on these if I had a tank up! Great cause and some nice corals. Also worth bidding just to see your shop.
  3. Ohhh that’s a good guess ! I think you’re right !
  4. So sorry you had to deal with a flood and now are taking your tank down. It was looking so good. I can vouch for those anemones. They are almost bullet proof. We have one in the grandkids nuvo 20 and it has survived salinity fluctuations typical of a smaller tank.
  5. I am a dog lover and he’s great!
  6. Saw this tank in person! It really is a marvel. So clean and a high tech automated marvel! Definitely worth a trip. The price of admission is an overzealous crotch sniff from the labrador!😂 Side note I have been wanting to try the iPhone filters and it made all the difference! First pic is without the filter and second one is with !
  7. Thanks Jack! We got some!!
  8. It’s almost been a year now ! I can still enjoy from afar with the grandkids having a tank!
  9. Free is a good price and these make great frag tanks ! (And no it’s not me getting it)😂
  10. I’m glad you’re not giving up. This experience would make lots of people quit for a while . I hope the 2 sos left make it as they could be the solution to coral bleaching. There were many times I just didn’t run a heater because the tank didn’t get too cold with all the heat out by light and equipment. I have seen many people post about how their tank crashed with a heater that exploded or was stuck on but you don’t see many about a tank crashing because the heater failed other than in the dead of winter for someone who either lost heat to the house or had their sump in the garage
  11. Agree! Your grasp of technology and willingness to share is priceless
  12. Congratulations!! I have to say it’s a dubious honor having that massive post count. When I first started and I saw someone with 10k posts I wondered if they actually worked and had other interests 😂 . (I do but yet here I am posting and have been without a tank for almost a year now) You have been a welcome addition and I look forward to see what your creativity and knowledge bring to the board ! I hope you do catch me in post counts !
  13. Matilda is the lighter of the two. She’s not dumb and doesn’t look dumb she just has puppy exuberance.😂
  14. More puppy pictures! Progression shots! She’s growing !
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