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  1. steveweast

    Blue Carpet Anemone

    Blue carpets have a notorious low survival rate. If you can get them past the six week mark, they tend to be hardy. Some of my public aquarium buddies suspect bacterial infections from shipping. In general....green carpets do better than blue......and haddoni does better than giganteas. Your experience is the norm unfortunately.......look great for a week or two......then melt down.
  2. steveweast

    Ecoxotic LED's

    I have two of the 24" units that I'm going to sell soon if interested. They are very gently used.
  3. steveweast

    Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    You should be aware that there is a big bad world out there beyond the tidepools. The life in the tidepools is quite nice.....but limited. If you are a diver....or know of one....a much wider array of options await you. Here are a few videos of what lies just offshore in our waters.......or rather Puget Sound waters. I'm still waiting for Stew to get certified and I'll take him out. http://www.nwdiveclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=16960 http://www.nwdiveclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=16939 And a video of my cold tank before I took it down last summer. It was representative of Puget Sound at around 80 ft. http://reefbuilders.com/2011/02/06/cold-water-reef-tank/
  4. steveweast

    Barelycuda your PM box is full

    I think I remember his saying that he was going to MACNA from Thurs through Sunday. You might need to wait until Monday.
  5. steveweast

    Seamax Pictures as promised!

    I usually play the 2/5 or the 5/10 no limit games at Spirit Mountain. Last Saturday was mostly 2/5.....but, it was a very active table.
  6. steveweast

    Seamax Pictures as promised!

    Well that's unfortunate......keep Jake in mind if you ever need information on creating a small tradeshow. He is extremely well connected in the industry..... with speakers as well as vendors. Sundays seem always to be poorly attended......even at a MACNA type event. I'm guessing that's the reason for quite a few Fri/Sat or Sat only events.
  7. steveweast

    Seamax Pictures as promised!

    One suggestion....I understand that our club is considering bringing Jake Adams in town as a speaker next month. He not only is a fantastic speaker.....he is the organizer for Reefstock. It's a golden opportunity to pick his brain if our club really wants to know the details and feasibility of putting on a boutique conference.
  8. steveweast

    Seamax Pictures as promised!

    And it was a financial loser for him and his organizers for the same reason....lack of attendance. It's really hard to say why the PNW can't draw like other parts of the country do. Perhaps it's our lower population densities.....or that our population centers are just spread out.....or there just isn't as many dedicated reefers here. I do know that I go to Reefstock each year held in Denver......and they get over 500 for a one day event. If a conference didn't work for Seattle, a similar conference certainly won't work here in an even smaller metro area. A boutique conference might work here though......one with a few speakers, and a few vendors. After Tyree's CFM up here....plus Seamax.....it might be difficult to convince vendors with limited conference dollars to come here instead of other proven events. Perhaps our area should be trying for a Reefstock type of event.....rather than a MACNA type of event. Every successful recurring conference that I've attended (and that's many across the country) all started small and built up a following and reputation over several years. As Mandinga suggested.....it isn't terribly hard to organize something like this....but, it does take money......and someone or some club has to make that investment (and hope to recoup it). I'm not sure our club(s) or our local reefing population is ready to run with the big boys quite yet. One more thing....if a little sunny weather really was an attendance drag, that really speaks volumes about our reefing population (for better or worse). I guess I shouldn't talk though.....I spent that beautiful Saturday in a poker room. But I did come out $1500 richer.....and I'm currently out of the hobby (which is why I didn't attend). I was really hoping for better news out of Seattle.
  9. steveweast

    FS Stand alone Profilux dosing pump

    Sale pending as of 7:24 am. Sorry for delay in notification. No back up list as of yet though.
  10. $200 Info/specs can be found here.... http://www.aquacave.com/ghl-profilux-stand-alone-brdosing-system-4-pumpsbr-w-controller-3023.html
  11. steveweast

    Coldwater tank for inside my house.

    My old sump seems to get around....it will make a nice Grunt Sculpin tank.
  12. steveweast

    1/2 hp chiller FS

    Sale pending with back up list Thanks
  13. steveweast

    FS bonded filter floss roll

    It's yours....just let me know when you want to stop by....I think you remember where the place is.