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  2. I have a cheap led setup for $75 if interested let me know and I will get you the name of it. I think I have a couple of them. I got such good color out of those light it was crazy.
  3. To my knowledge any in the Phymanthus can breed with each other, you could end up getting some really cool morphs that way!
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  5. Another awesome update on the April meeting!!! In addition to the previously mentioned raffle items we have another list of killer prizes! An Aqua Illuminations Prime HD LED module! These come with an outstanding amount of customization features, good color rendition, and above all, proven track record of coral growth. Got a nano that needs upgraded or just want to put some OOmph into your existing lighting, this will do the trick for sure. Now whats this? An Ehiem Automatic Fish Feeder? YES! I could use another one of these for sure, as do most of you, if you use any type of dry food that is. From previous recommendations of a number of forum members, some friends, and now personal experience, I can now say that I can vouch for these Auto Feeders to people for their busy schedule needs. Multiple rotations, timings, and a large holding drum make this a very versatile and reliable feeder. Not interested in a light, pump, certificates, or a salinity probe!? Then what about a year long subscription to one of our spoonsors here by the name of CORAL Magazine!? I love this publication, and if I could get it for free, I would love it even more. Full of great articles, updated events in the reef world, and specialized topics such as new finds in the ocean or changes in the trades politics. Simply put, a Great read! And for those of you who are not in need of any new equipment, knowledge, or corals we have a case of the reputable Tropic Marin Reef Salt in the raffle line up as well. So now you know, there will be something for everybody at the upcoming PNWMAS meeting in Salem.... Be there, or be Square!
  6. What the worst that could happen? He bloats up and ends up looking puffy?
  7. I'd suggest using a PAR meter. The Photon's are great lights and I've had a lot of luck with them in the past.
  8. Ah, very nice, i run my 300watt leds at about the same percentages with great success. I personally believe your stylo will be just fine. I do notice when the lights are turned down to about 50 percent the colors are much deeper and richer in color compared to running them at 65 percent. At 65 percent (over a two week period) they become mucher brighter and have more floresence so to speak. For example, my orange setosa will turn bright pink or the polyps in my rainbow monti will go from red to green.
  9. Very interesting, thanks nate. I'm collecting a handful in hopes of them breeding eventually, any idea if different species can breed with each other?
  10. There are 11 distinct species of rock flower anemones; Phymanthus crucifer (Red Beaded Anemone) P. buitendijki P. coeruleus P. laevis P. loligo P. muscosus P. pinnulatum P. pulcher P. rhizophorae P. sansibaricus P. strandesi Those to me look like P. Buitendijki because of the feathery tentacles and green coloration, though I've never seen one with such rich green, usually it's just the face that's green. Just my guess though.
  11. It's the reefbreeders photon 48 with 102 3w leds. I started with a stylo (I heard that was a hardy sps) on the sand, should I move it up to the center?
  12. It all depends on your bioload, 1.3 kh drop per day sounds normal to me for a moderately stocked tank. Mine will drop roughly 2 points per day without dosing.
  13. That's an awesome picture of a horrible situation
  14. I pulled it out with some tweezers btw because I thought it might harm the plate to eat something that big
  15. Came home and saw my blenny had passed and I guess got blown onto the plate coral? That’s just what I assume happened pretty crazy looking though thought I’d share
  16. If those are the 165 watt chinese box lights you are probably already in the right ballpark, i would try an acro frag in the middle of the water column. The coral will tell you
  17. Clear Water Scrubbers: All-Natural Filtration To Help You Control Algae, Nitrate, and PhosphateVideo + GIVEAWAY for Clear Water Algae Scrubbers!
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  19. Just wondering what everybody has their leds set at. I turn my evergrows up occasionally (over the past 5 years) and am currently at 60% white and 80% blue. I'm happy with where they are set now but I am just starting to reintroduce SPS on the sand bed and want to make sure I don't burn anything.
  20. Just picked up the one on top and 2 on the bottom (the 2 in the center I've had for a while and know they're rock nems). Was told they're rock nems and they're sticky like they should be but the tentacles look different then I'm used too. Can someone id them for me? Thanks
  21. Bump everything available but the MP10QD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Update photo! It’s filling in...
  23. CB's is on my way home from work. I''m gonna stop by later today. Thanks for offering
  24. I have some fresh roe that I can give you a bit to try if you stop by tonight or tomorrow. I don't have any of the others currently.
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