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  2. Make offer. Great for mixing salt water, use for rain barrels, water storage or on the farm
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  4. I got back to everyone and will notify next in line if anyone doesn't pick up after their arranged date. Orange Lobos, Favia, and $5 frags are all spoken for. knocked $5 off what's left. Which I could take better photos. I suppose I need one of those lenses for my phone. Any suggestions?
  5. Got another one up for sale, not quite as big as that first one. 50+ heads, I’ll let it go for $80.
  6. Its spoken for at this point. responding to PMs this AM
  7. Not even sure what I'm even looking at [emoji1] is he or she new? Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  8. I dont know how something so big can be so scared all the time. How he/she gets out of these spots I may never know. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. Wow, this is too easy! Thanks for the clarification. The six footer I have in my hands with USB style male ends probably came from Apex, but now I see that it doesn't make any difference. Thanks, guys. Paul
  10. I have a mother daughter team trying to do a science experiment/project with anemones. I told them i would ask here. Does anyone have a bleached anemone they can use? Thanks for the help
  11. Thanks for taking this on Jay - I am sure it is a giant pain but it will be great to have this sorted and provide better clarity to all the members and the officers/BOD as well. Let us know if there is something we can help with on this side.
  12. This is fertile ground for commentary but no... As Manny mentioned, the fact that you do not see "supporting member" under your profile pic suggests that your membership has lapsed but you may want to wait until Chief confirms that he is done with his corrections. Suncrest's suggestion would be another way to try and verify if your last payment was more than a year ago (assuming you paid through the site). As for the zoanthid part - those headings are driven by post count if I'm not mistake - hence Kim (Emerald) has the "Top Poster" moniker. Can't recall if I have ever seen a list of those names/post count assignments though.
  13. I'm glad this found a home. It was pretty awesome when I saw it!
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  15. What Hydra light do you have? I am looking for Hydra 26 HD in black. Thanks,
  16. I'm not certain if this will work for everyone, but here's how I looked up my membership:
  17. Maybe it's your toxic personality that awarded you the rank of zoanthid lol and your profile doesn't say you are a supporting member so pay up!
  18. I am soo utterly confused. Am I currently a paid member? And why am I a zoanthid?
  19. Whether it's USB 2.0 or 3.0 won't make any difference and both will work with the Apex. As long as it has the USB male connector on each end. You can tell if it has a repeater if it has a large block on the end of the cable or in the middle of the cable:
  20. My first treatment absolutely Eradicated the Blue Clove Polyps. (they're actually very pretty, my family loved them). But what remained with this ugly 2nd strain - which I assume the Blue Clove Polyps were hiding.
  21. Perfect. So how can a normal user tell if a USB cable is 2.0, and specifically without a repeater?
  22. This is incorrect. My entire Apex environment is running on standard USB 2.0 cables, ranging from 1 foot to 30 feet in length. The reason USB FireWire says they're built specifically for Apex is because they don't have any repeaters built into the cable. For USB 2.0 devices running on 5v to work beyond 5 meters (16'5") you need a repeater. Since the Apex is sending 12v through the cable, it can be up to 200 feet long without a repeater.
  23. I did 2mg/gallon when I treated mine. So far so good. I thought that if any DNA remained it would come back so I nuked it with a double dose of fabendazole right off the bat. Like bacteria what you don't want is to develop a resistance. What most likely happened is that brown polyp you have now is resistant to it
  24. I couldn't find my source for this information (I think it's on the neptune site) - but Apex cables are NOT interchangeable with regular USB cables. (I think it's about impedance or resistance). And my source pointed me to this company for Apex built long USB cables. https://www.usbfirewire.com/search.aspx?searchterm=apex Long USB Cable for Apex Long USB Cable for Apex Controllers These are pre-built custom USB cables specifically made for use with Apex Aquarium controllers. We get many requests to build these special cables, so we've decided to build a few to keep in stock. *These are guaranteed to work with your Apex Aquarium controller.* They're an A Male to A Male, and as you can see, we have them available in very long distances, and each of them will work with your setup. We use dual ferrite beads on each one to help ensure that the connection isn't interrupted. Not for PC use Please note that these are made only for Apex Aquarium controllers. These specific cables will not work with any series of USB. If you do need a long USB cable for your PC, please check out our USB 2.0 repeaters and repeater cables. Many are in stock and available to ship today. Call us today if you have any questions.
  25. I just added this reply to an 18 page thread on R2R about killing Blue Clove Polyps. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/eliminating-blue-clove-polyps-with-fenbendazole.308994/post-6954867 I'm reposting here, looking for local insight. My Battle is now Brown Clove Polyps.My history: (120gallon display tank) I treated successfully for Blue clove polyps in March 2018 using Thomas Labs Fenbendazole, following MaxDraco instructions. But in spring of 2019 clove polyps were back. Not Blue, but clove. Re-treated Fenbendazole in June 2019, at approx 1.5mg/gal. And Added second treatment of ~1.5mg/gal two days later. Punch line, my Non-blue clove polyps never fully died. My made up name, I now have "Brown" clove polyps (picts below) Since then, An aptasia eating Filefish didn't touch them A Regal Angel didn't touch them Twelve emerald crabs didn't touch them One Tuxedo Urchin doesn't touch them, although B(rown) CP's are on the side of tank Urchin doesn't go I'm ready to give it another go and I'm looking for collective wisdom. try the Double Tap 2-4 weeks apart up dosage to 4mg/gal perhaps switch from Thomas Labs to Merck Safeguard Goat Dewormer, (10% suspension) Under idea maybe drug itself is slightly ~different? Otherwise, any other collective wisdom?Does ANYONE claim to successfully remove Non-Blue Clove Polyps (but same size as BCP's) by Non-Mechanical means?Thanks!
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