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    Your rocks look very “clean”. This can be a sign of a problem sometimes. Your coral could be starving for nutrients. Check your nitrates.
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  4. juan

    2 frag saws

    Both sold, please close
  5. In place, will post back next time alk gets over 8.53. Thanks @SuncrestReef
  6. I have some time Saturday early to meet up, and yep, thingy found!
  7. That looks great to me, thanks!!!
  8. What if you add another virtual output that starts a 2 hour timer once ALK_HIGH turns On, and once the 2 hour countdown completes it turns ALK_HIGH off? Example: [ALK_HIGH] Set OFF If Alkx2 > 8.53 Then ON If Output ALK_TIMER = ON Then OFF [ALK_TIMER] Set OFF If Output ALK_HIGH = ON Then ON Defer 120:00 Then ON Min Time 120:00 Then ON Note, you don't need Fallback OFF on your virtual outputs because Fallback only applies to physical outputs.
  9. I have my CR set up, so that if alk is > 8.53, the CR solenoid turns off. This is great, and keeps the tank quite stable. However, since I only run tests every 4 hours, 4 hours goes by until alk is tested again. Sometimes it drops a bit too far. What I would like to do is turn it off as usual, but limit the off time to 2 hours instead of until alk drops back below 8.53. Basically shrink the blue spikes in this chart: Current CR solenoid outlet: Fallback OFF If Output CR_PH_LOW = ON Then OFF If Output CR_PH_HIGH = ON Then ON If Output ReturnPumpR = OFF Then OFF If Output ALK_HIGH = ON Then OFF ALK_HIGH virtual outlet Fallback OFF Set OFF if Alkx2 > 8.53 then ON So basically, when the CR solenoid is turned off by ALK_HIGH, I don't want it to stay off for more than 2 hours. Right now, it will stay off until the next ALK test says the ALK dropped below 8.53 @SuncrestReef you got me? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
  10. Broke a big branch off today trying to cut a frag, so I have singles and doubles available. I also have a nice 4 head frag available too. PM if interested
  11. I store it in the closet and just take it out when needed. I only do 5g water changes.
  12. Sure that's not just crumbs from Jorge's lunches building up? He's eating every time I see him in the shop. 🤣
  13. Like Micah said, in the future I would suggest something like this. That way you don’t have the ro/di line constantly hanging off your faucet.
  14. No, I demand you take it all apart and show me a picture of it without the washers! j/k, glad you got it working!
  15. I added a large washer up there and that seemed to solve the issue.
  16. I actually got it to work. I used a second washer above the other threaded fitting that screws into my faucet and then attached the fitting you guys are talking about.
  17. Ahh. I see it now. Yeah, now I want to see a pic of it with the washer removed. I still think doing an inline source valve is a better idea and only costs like... 10 bucks
  18. Used asm g3 protein skimmer that needs a new pump ($113 Sedra 5000). Possibly just needs a new impeller ($50). The impeller magnet swelled up and is stuck. Asking $40.
  19. Can’t tell if it’s a shadow, or the metal is broken.
  20. Hard to tell, but something doesn’t look right on the upper right side of the picture under the rubber washer.
  21. Looking to sell our large Rose bubble tip and rainbow bubble tip. The rose is the one in the middle that the clown is hosting, clown not included as he still hosts the rainbow.....we now have the rose in an acclimation box as it started reaching and moving for all of the meaty corals and euphyllia. The rainbow decided to split so one has to go $200 each OBO....pm for any questions.
  22. Impressive! What’s the calcium level like in that system?
  23. I really appreciate the input. I totally didnt think about the height when it came to cleaning the top tank. The top tank is planned to be just rock flower nems and was going to make a minimal rockscape that slopes in the middle, but a top down view would be awesome of them. What do you all think if I dropped the over all height by 12"? Thanks again everyone
  24. Blue Z Reef


    Browning can be a lighting issue, however, there seems to be other issues going on. I see several dead and dying SPS (possible STN/RTN going on). How’s your phosphate/nitrate/ammonia? As Brian said, need more info on your setup in general.
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