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Name that Zoa!

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Recently got this guy in a trade from a fellow forum member. Looking to see if anyone can reasearch/find something similar. I have ideas but would rather see what others say....any ideas??


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I have those. I think they are Ding Dang People Eaters. The colors shift on mine quite frequently (even thought the day, but especially due to spectrum & intensity) so I sometimes see them called different things, but they are a rad coral. I originally got mine from Brandon (I think that's his name) who runs zoanthids.com at a frag swap in Nashville as an unnamed polyp. I called them galaxies until I discovered a match.

I sold my colony with my last tank in May when I moved from Chattanooga, TN to Seattle and just got a 3-head frag from that colony a few weeks back. It's already up to 6 heads. Strong grower, beautiful polyps. It's a stunner. Congrats!








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