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Opae ula vase

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Ok, tank is finally done cycling.  Filter was a big no-no for these guys so mine sits brackish.  It does have a 12/12 light cycle though.  The coolest thing about this tank is that it has the false back where the pump and filter chambers are.  Though it's all turned off, that provided a completely black area for them.  Apparently this is very close to how their natural environment is so often in the mornings you will see none.  By the evening the whole colony is out and picking around.  Quite striking.  You can't see it very well but all those white specks on the surface?  Those are pretty much all medusa.  They swim around frequently.  Breeding commenced within the first month and is picking up speed.  25 individuals were my starter broodstock.  I estimate I should be able to house a couple hundred in here.  Oh!  The Chaeto is growing too!


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So when I ordered them I received 2 DOA shipments in a row.  We finally upgraded shipping speed and he noticed I live in Oregon and it's winter and opted to add a heating pack.  This batch has been awesome!  I'm more than happy to share them to the club.  Looks like I'll have a lot.  They really seem to enjoy the false back on this tank more than anything.  That's probably the golden ticket if I had to put my finger on it.  After some reading, they mainly live in the blacked out lava tubes underneath the pools in which they are typically observed.  Happy accident but it's working out.  I think I linked the actual tank above but it has my heavy recommendation for this species if anyone wants an easy answer with at least one anecdotal success story.  

Terrible phone video but you can see a bunch skittering around on the underside of the surface.


Let's see some pictures!

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