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River City Corals

Utter Chaos group buy

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Ok so here is the Official Utter Chaos group buy thread. The deal. 3 polyps for $31. I will purchase the colony, arrange for shipping and frag the colony. There is room for 10 maybe 11 peeps. I am making payment later today and ask that when I do, the people that have committed to the group buy, please paypal me $31. The extra dollar coves the paypal fees. If you have an extra frag plug to replace at time of pickup that would be appreciated. I will provide paypal address once payment is complete. Picture of colony will be added in a few.



Here is who I have committed so far


1. Brian67

2. Spectra

3. Powderblue

4.  Lovesalt

5. Jackthereefer

6. Jadams7

7. Zorroreef

8. Troy

9.  SSappington  PAID

10. Cutlefish (jeff)



 I will update when ships, when received, when fragged and ready for pickup

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ok everyone payment has been made and will ship on Monday for Tuesday delivery. Please submit payments to following Paypal

maskpainter67@gmail.com. Include your screen name and I will update when I receive payment. Please submit payment asap. If for any reason the colony is DOA on arrival I will update and refund everyone.

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This is a picture of the colony


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Is this pic from your tank? If so I blow raspberries in your general direction Sir. Those are nice.


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All fragged up, glued to plugs and now in tank if all opens well and I gotta make sure they all got 3 I should be able to meet up this




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