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Picked up a good sized coral package today

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Today, I took a journey to Corvallis to visit my good friend Robert (BadXGillen) and do some "shopping" at his house. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit and buy some coral, you're missing out. If you're ever in the area, send him a PM and he might be able to give you some business. Always a great guy to hang out with and his huge selection is an added bonus.


I don't have a fancy camera, but here are a couple quick pictures.












The colors are not done any justice in these photos. There is much more red, green, and blue.


Thanks so much my friend. It was great seeing you and the family today! And thanks for the homemade chocolates. Lauren and I have already put a good dent in them. :)

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Robert's a good man and he hooked you up well. I still have some "store credit" with him! One day I will make it out to Corvallis again!

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Had to get you started out with a decent acro pack, a 6 foot 180 gallon tank has a lot of real estate to cover. I will get some more cuts ready for our next encounter.It was great seeing you out this way again, I look forward to our next visit, say hi to Lauren for me and tell Tulip sorry for the long wait.


And Happy New Year my friend.

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