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Frag pack giveaway

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Thought it would be fun to have a frag pack giveaway for GOC contestants(plotting). So if you were a contestant in the July GOC or are signed up for the November you are (welcome) to join(clap)


So here's the rules....

A) Must be a current or previous GOC contestant (either July or November)

B) Post in this thread ( a simple "I'm in" will do)



On September 19th I will pick one poster at random for the winner.(scary). Who ever wins will receive 5 frags absolutely FREE!(Bow)

names will be written on slips of paper, dropped into bowl, and drawn. I promise there wont be any kenya tree's, xenia, cingularia, or anything like that.


If you are interested in joining but haven't competed yet, sign up's are still going for the next competition(whistle)

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Those of you who havn't joined and are thinking of doing so should defiantley jump on the bandwagon and send your entry fees in! There are some amazing prizes this go around and now this frag pack giveaway!!!! You get a pretty awesome coral frag to grow out and a chance to win in multiple ways! Freakin great deal. If you and you significant/sibling/friend/other are competative and/or are both interested in kicking each others butts in competition, this is a great opportunity to take part in.


Freakin crazy good deal, awesome fun competition! Keep this thing alive and kicking. I want to see it get up to 50 competitors! Get on it!!!




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