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  1. I ran a course of reef flux too, it's like a brand new tank! All my algae is gone and has been clean for a month now.
  2. Shout out to @CesarT! Just got my doser attachment today, works beautifully and was able to adjust it to how I wanted it, thanks for making me one! Wanted to share it with others. Welcome to pnwmas!
  3. Is anyone using the Nicrew Hyperreef Lights? Curious what the experience is. I've got a 20G long mixed reef. Still searching for lighting to replace my black box.
  4. @shaywood if it's a star bit come borrow my kit has all sizes small to large, I'm sure one of them is the fit.
  5. I want to say I read somewhere on FB to email them and they'll send you a new lens, worth a shot. It's a known issue, lots of people post about it in the AI group. I believe they issued a SW update that lowers the max power of those LEDs so it doesn't burn the lens.
  6. Saw it in person today, great new setup. And the biocube is a steal, wish I had the room for it.
  7. @dunpeal rocks! Got a phosphate and alk checker + some frags, thanks!
  8. I don't find my Red Sea Phosphate kit to be very accurate... Going to buy a Hanna checker but which one? 736? 774? And if anyone has one for sale I'm all ears
  9. I'll take it! Edit - shoot looked at the wrong dimensions. I'll bow out, won't fit where I need it to.
  10. I had this with my hammer when I first placed it in the tank. Read that it is expelling zooanthelle, not sure of that's true. Either way happened a couple times in the first couple days and haven't seen it since.
  11. Sometimes McDonald's sounds good, no shame in that.
  12. Picked up some Mag deicer at the Wilco nearby. The guy asked "You still have ice where you're at?" Me "Nope, it's for my fish tank" The guy looks at me confused then walks away to grab the bag. 😂😂
  13. @dunpeal Thanks again for the coral today! Was great meeting you!
  14. Whoa, I don't understand what just happened lol. What is that?
  15. Nice setup! Here's what I like to use, I think it's 1x 😂
  16. Update: Wasn't a disease after all! Too much flow in the tank for the Molly. I turned it down and the spots disappeared!
  17. @MReef20 are you waiting a little bit for the sample to equalize with the temp of the refractometer? I've found distilled water to be a good way to calibrate.
  18. Posting here because it says you can't receive messages? Definitely interested in buying some of your coral!! For sure the birds nest and some of the other sps. When are you available?
  19. You and Humble have been really helpful! Humble is also taking a look at a video of the Molly in the DT to let me know if it indeed is a parasite or something else going on. Either I have to go fallow and the main fish hang out longer in QT or false alarm. We'll see.
  20. Thanks for the offer @Higher Thinking but with a couple young kids I'm a bit limited on how many "fish trips" are tolerated lol.
  21. Just an update - QT is doing great 3wks in. However my DT has ich before adding any SW fish, argh!! How do I know? I acclimated a FW Molly last week to eat algae and be the canary in the coal mine. Well, it has ich. So, I'm basically fallow before even getting a chance to add my "real" fish, kinda disheartening. Question for everyone - my plan isn't to quarantine coral and inverts, given they can obviously bring disease into the tank, do I need to plan for an invert quarantine? Or this is all too overboard and need to stop stressing about it? TBH - I probably don't have space for an additional QT so I'm hoping there's other mitigating steps for inverts.
  22. I saw that, can't seem to find any of the deicer.
  23. I'd totally buy it off you but looks like you're in scappoose? A bit of a drive from Tualatin 🙁
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