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  1. @ShoeCrew I have the custom acrylic and the CWT sumps left. I'm in Oregon City
  2. We're moving across the country and I don't want to worry that this will break on the trip. Newish Waterbox 100.3 purchased in January. Been running since and is now empty and ready to go. No scratches or wear. A really beautiful glass box with plug and play plumbing and sump. Includes ONLY the tank, sump, and stand. Located in Oregon City Let me know if you're interested.
  3. It's a few years old. Not the latest model. This version connects directly to WIFI and was used on a FOWLR tank, so minimal wear and tear.
  4. Bringing this back to the top (hopefully). I've got a garage full of gear that is getting really lonely.
  5. I did! I just got too busy and never posted photos. The tank was doing awesome when the ice storm hit and I lost power for over a week. Hands down, best stand I've ever owned.
  6. I have too many things lying around that should be in your tank! Please help me help you by buying some stuff. It'll be great. Located in Oregon City. Class Item Description Price Sump Acrylic Sump 29x16x16 20 Sump Trigger Crystal Sump 30 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/crystal-sump-30-trigger-systems.html 60 Filtration Turbo's Aquatics Algae Turf Scrubber Rev 4 - SOLD https://www.turbosaquatics.com/ 225 Aquarium 70 Gal Cube Aquarium & custom metal stand 30x30x18 Starfire glass White metal stand made by @spectra Currently in the garage awaiting it's new forever home 600 Aquarium 20 Gal Aquarium Used as fish observation tank Free with purchase Aquarium 20 Gal Aquarium Used as coral observation tank Free with purchase Aquarium 10 Gal Aquarium Never used Free with purchase Aquarium 50 Gal Low Boy frag tank - SOLD pre-drilled, never been used 75 Lighting AI Prime with Flex Arm - SOLD 75 Sump CWT Aquatics Sump - 20" Used this with the turf scrubber and 70 gal tank. Great combo, but could also make a great refugium sump (huge volume, small footprint) 200 ATO IM Aqua Gadgeet 5 Gal ATO Reservoir - SOLD Fits nicely under the RS Nano stand 100 Skimmer Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer - SOLD This thing is a workhorse. Used on tanks as large as 100 gal (total volume) 50 Aquarium Red Sea Max Nano (20 Gal) - SOLD Includes AI Prime light https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/max-nano-complete-reef-system-red-sea.html Been a great starter/emergency tank. Currently in the garage awaiting it's new forever home. 300 Acrylic Sump Trigger 30 Crystal Sump AI Prime and arm Turf Scrubber Curve 5 skimmer CWT Sump
  7. SOLD Great tank for sale. Plug and play and sitting on my back porch waiting for you. I bought this from C&C at the beginning of the Pandemic and have since gotten a bigger tank. It’s in great shape ready for its new home Asking $500
  8. Thanks for the recommendations! [mention]spectra [/mention] is on it! He came over and we chatted about the stand on Friday and he’s ordering materials. So excited.
  9. I'm looking for a new stand for my new (to me tank thanks @MoneyMike1987!) tank. Who, locally, do you guys know that builds stands? I'm open to ideas on whether it's metal with a wood skin or an all wood frame/skin. I contacted Crystal Dynamic Aquariums and their lead time is 10-12 weeks which is meh and for the cost, I'd rather go local. I also called Jeff @CuttleFishandCoral. Tank details: 30"w x 30"L x 18"h Starfire glass with a rimless top and a rim on the bottom Center overflow with bottom drain The stand it came with is great, but it's about 12" too short. Mike did a great job of putting it together, I just don't think it's going to work for maintenance and what I'd like to do with the tank. Stand Goals: Tall enough to hold a skimmer (1 problem with the current stand) Big enough to hold a decent sized sump (I've got a few lying around and have been known to buy 1 to fit) Wide enough to either include an equipment section for plugs and wires with access to controls Needs to look good in my living room (I currently have a Red Sea 170 with a white stand and my wife loves the look of the stand) Casters - maybe this is a terrible idea, but man if I could move this pig to get to the back... What you get: I promise to post photos of my tank build My eternal gratitude First dibs when I frag my future {name brand} corals You guys rule and have been really helpful in teaching me and taking my money. I appreciate your help.
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