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looking for a new T5 bulb combo


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I am looking to get better bulbs for my 6x54w bulb T5 HO fixture. I was thinking of using two ATI aquablue specials, two ATI blue plus, and two Geisman actinic plus. Does anyone have an idea of what this will look like and how it will perform? I am looking to have a nice light to moderate blue look in the tank as well as have plenty of light. Thanks for your help and pics with bulb combos would help too:D

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I don't know if you done this already; so bear with me. On Reef Central there is a poster named Grimreefer who is a posting monster for T5's and combinations. He has a thread that is well, tedious, but it does have some good info.

I kinda hate advising someone to go to RC!

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I am currently thinking 3 ATI Blue+, UV 75/25 14000k, giesmann midday sun 6000k, ATI aquablue special 11000k. Does anyone know what this might look like and will it make the colors in softies and sps pop? another guy recommended basically this with an aquaflora(pink bulb) and 1 more blue+ rather than the 75/25, any thoughts on this too?

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